Unending Potentials…


We each see a different world. There are billions of worlds occurring right now. For each person has a unique view that is shifting moment by moment. The world we see is not fixed. It cannot be described as a noun ‘fixed’ but as a verb ‘changeable.’Moment by moment each person’s sentiment, projections, desires, aversions, attachments,conditioning is shifting and affects our lens of perception. The world we see as an object is in fact a projection. It is ever changing.There are unending potentials of perceiving reality. The world can be seen as a Dynamic Field. This field can be flexible, open, spacious and spontaneous. In fact so much is out of our control…much suffering comes from attempting to reify or solidify who we think we are or the world around us. Each day we may have a structure in place, so to allow the day to unfold in a spontaneous, relaxed fashion. This structure is there to support not infringe upon this creative flow of life. Allow yourself to rest in the gentle space of your heart. Watch from this space. Let all the changes around you happen, as a great display of consciousness.When you change…then the world changes….




Awakening is possible for You. It will let you know that you are not who you think you are. It will introduce you to your true nature. Unconditional Love. In order to live from a new view or awaken, we must first let go of the old. Empty out all beliefs, thoughts, ideas, concepts, feelings…that do not support your awareness of you or Source as unconditional love. Awakening is about relieving suffering and increasing well being through a shift of identity and knowing. First, you recognize that awakening or shifting out of your ego identity is possible. Its flexible, fluid, a moment by moment choice. This loosening up or relaxing allows for you to then shift out of the old ego identity. The confusion and suffering we experience with the old ego identity begins to soften, becoming more clear. You feel the spectrum of sorrow to joy, however there is an awareness of Presence that is untouched by feelings or thoughts. Take some time each day to empty out or release any views that no longer serve your well being. For example,  the old ego identity may believe,”I am not creative.” Allow yourself to let this go and remain  open to a new way of perceiving yourself as creating all the time. Your creating your reality with each thought, each choice you make. Awakening is taking full responsibility for one’s own life. Response- ability, the ability to respond…. Its the ultimate growing up!

Channel of Mind…


Mind is like a TV with many channels to choose from. The Worry and Anxiety channel. The Desire channel.The To Do List channel. The Doubt channel. The ‘When I have this I will be content’ channel.The Too Serious channel. The Reruns of the Memories of the Past channel. The Fear of the Future channel. The Romance channel. The Horror channel.So many channels! We think these regularly scheduled programs are the place to look for solutions to the dissatisfaction of our lives, so we channel surf through them all day long!

It is Possible to take the remote and shift these channels to the Spaciousness of Your Mind. First, notice the channels that your mind plays. Each day they may change due to what is occurring in life. Take 5 minutes in the morning to notice what channel you woke up with, decide if you want to keep playing this or not. Make a conscious choice as to the channel you would like to perceive reality from. For instance, You wake up with the Worry channel. The Worry channel is very narrow with an outcome produced by fear.  Simply notice and shift to the Trust channel. The Trust channel is open to various outcomes and feels loving. All day long you can  practice simply noticing the channel of your mind and shifting it to the one that most benefits your well being. The more you practice the easier it becomes. Be gentle. Be patient. Be persistent. Your mind will become flexible and spacious. You will loosen up the fixed views of ego-identity and conditioning starts to dismantle. Now, from this Spacious Mind solutions and decisions can be created!



I Am  (You are) the witness of time. Time is not the witness of me/you.

Know this and be Free of sorrow.

Know in your heart. You are the light.

Forms, thoughts, feelings, people may come and go..

You the light…the I Am Presence never was born or dies…

Know this…Share this by being this….

Simply Rest….


To be awake and present we do not have to do anything…Just rest in experience whatever arises..the luminous quality of mind is present always. As thoughts, feelings, sounds, physical sensations…all arise and dissolve. What is left…non-reactive presence without identity. You become un-selfconscious and you flow…No more stories of your identity. No past, no future. This is timeless and spaceless. You just simply rest in Now. Its a field of being that is always present that takes care of everything. Throughout your day practice in any situation relaxing the body, relaxing your mind, relaxing into your heart space. While driving rest, at the grocery store rest, with your child rest, with your client rest, cooking rest, bathing rest….It’s so simple, its a challenge. The greatest challenge is the willingness to develop a new way of being that allows rest. The challenge is facing our  conditioning that places most of our value collectively on ‘doing’ and being someone special through our accomplishments. As you practice resting this ‘doing’ conditioning starts to ease and space for experiencing non-reactive Presence occurs . Trust that resting is valuable and all that is needed….

Be Your Best Friend….


How do you speak to yourself when you look in the mirror? Do you say ‘I love you’? Do you say ‘I need to change this and that’? Do you appreciate your face, your body? Do you wish you looked like someone else? Is it hard to look in the mirror? This is just one test of many, that can show us whether we are a good friend to ourselves or not. If you notice that you are your  enemy…  this is an opportunity to begin a new kind of relationship with yourself. Your enemy will find all that is ‘wrong ‘ with you and focus on this. This focus of energy only narrows your relationship to self and world emphasizing all that is negative. Its a self imposed prison. When the enemy is running the show it (I call the enemy ‘It’ because its simply a conditioned pattern)…. will say….your not smart enough, your not attractive….all the lies to keep you small. This enemy appears to protect you from some perceived outside danger however, it prevents you from experiencing your limitless Self. This enemy is Fear.  Your best friend is Love. Love accepts, love allows, love is honest, love is patient, love is sweet, love is fun, love is gentle, love is energizing, love is limitless…… Imagine your best friend’s kind and wise words. What would your best friend say to you the next time you look in the mirror?



Suffering comes from wanting things to be different from what they are and from our struggling to try to change them.This understanding can allow us to naturally feel compassion for others.This compassion is not based on pity, mercy or charity. It comes because we know through our own experience, that we are all  doing the same thing…struggling with our experience because we want things to be different from what they are. Allow this compassion to break open your heart…see and know the pain of the world. Face the tragedy of the human condition and know it does not have to be this way.Allow this compassion to not be a feeling but an awareness of your open heart. This open heart awareness will allow states of freedom, clarity and peace to be expressed in life.