Unending Potentials…


We each see a different world. There are billions of worlds occurring right now. For each person has a unique view that is shifting moment by moment. The world we see is not fixed. It cannot be described as a noun ‘fixed’ but as a verb ‘changeable.’Moment by moment each person’s sentiment, projections, desires, aversions, attachments,conditioning is shifting and affects our lens of perception. The world we see as an object is in fact a projection. It is ever changing.There are unending potentials of perceiving reality. The world can be seen as a Dynamic Field. This field can be flexible, open, spacious and spontaneous. In fact so much is out of our control…much suffering comes from attempting to reify or solidify who we think we are or the world around us. Each day we may have a structure in place, so to allow the day to unfold in a spontaneous, relaxed fashion. This structure is there to support not infringe upon this creative flow of life. Allow yourself to rest in the gentle space of your heart. Watch from this space. Let all the changes around you happen, as a great display of consciousness.When you change…then the world changes….

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