Prepare for Union

Servants of Love

With each breath, love’s call arrives

from every direction, left and right;
we are headed for the fields, 
but who is going to see whom?
The time for houses has passed 
the time for meadows is here
prosperity, has dawned and now
its time for union, face to face.
 O blessed king, arise , arise
awake from your heavy sleep ride, ride upon fortune’s horse
it is our time to conjoin.
Hear the drums recall your oath
the way to the sky has been swept clean
your joy is the currency
no sign of tomorrow’s debts
Light has lifted its hand
and shattered the dark of night
the whole world above and below
full of clarity and radiance
How blissful are the ones
unbounded by these colors and scents
for there are beyond all this
so many colors in the heart.
How blessed that heart that spirit
who becomes free from water and mud
through within this water and mud
there is the means for alchemy…