Peace from the Matrix


As Within……. So Without!

Find The Peace That You Are, By Not Thinking

Instead Connecting With The Silence Of Your Soul

Become The Observer Of Your Story And Do Not Feel Compelled To Respond To Each Fragment Of Information

You Are The Awareness

At All Moments You Have The Power To Realize This And Separate The Noise Of The Story From The Complete Essence Of Your Higher Self.

Trust Your Higher Self In Deciding The Direction Of Choice, Under The Current Conditions Of Transition,

And Be Less Concerned With The Input Of Your Logical Mind, Which May Be Conditioned To Factors Which Are Fear Based

Stay Present And Breathe Deeply NOW.

In This Perfect Moment, From The Highest Perspective Of Your Being, Everything Is In Divine Order!

In The Present Moment You May Not Understand The Perfection Of The Circumstances In Which You Find Yourself.

Yet, From That Heightened Vantage Point, It Cannot Be Otherwise!

You Will Notice In This Awareness That Change Will Not Affect Your Peace,
For You Are Now The Essence Of Your True State Of Being

Remain In This Sacred Knowing As You Complete Your Journey On The Planet

You Are Peace! You Are Infinite Love

We are One!