Dark Goddess Friday the 13th!


         Your Dark Goddess  is present in the unseen realms of your psyche. She emerges when it’s time to cut through delusion and fear. She knows the value of her sexual energy and uses it to awaken unconscious to conscious insight. Allowing for true love that is fierce and direct. This energy penetrates through self deception, lies and projections. She says what everyone feels but is afraid to say. Courage to take risk because she knows that there is nothing to lose… An Ego- Death…the ultimate surrender..It leaves you feeling raw, excited and energized.  No room for excuses, ambivalence or flip flopping. Your dark goddess Knows from her sacred vagina to her open heart. This energy emerges through the body into the third eye to pierce through false pictures we believe about ourselves or others. This is the ultimate purifying scorching energy that burns away any fears, doubts, self loathing tendencies that prevent us from loving ourselves just as we are. She sees beyond space and time. She is the ultimate liberator. She is free from the relative plane and observes the limitless potential in all around her. She is a shape-shifter becoming what she chooses as each situation is presented to her. She is flexible, agile and stable all in one. She IS Presence. She knows boundless sky and knows when to end relationships, beliefs, attitudes and fixed views. She sees souls and is not fooled by personas. She loves everyone she encounters all the same……She is You.

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