Befriend Chaos…

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Chaos allows us to move out of our comfort zones. Chaos shifts and sheds what is no longer serving in life.

Allow yourself to embrace the dance, the fluid movement of our friend chaos. Let go of the known and relax into the confusion. Chaos is equally as treasured as order.  There is no order without chaos, no chaos without order.

Order is the seen, Chaos is the unseen.

Order is our conditioning which is useful to a point. This point only you can know. The symptoms of this edge are typically feeling stuck, lack of vision, lack of purpose and meaninglessness.

Our friend chaos can appear suddenly like a lightening bolt. Shocking our systems to awaken truth. Chaos can slowly rise like a tide….  flooding our psyches with insight. It can shoot you like an arrow in the heart…. falling in love at first sight….

Fear not Chaos…instead Surrender  into her arms…

As Nietzsche once said. “One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”



Imagine confusion is lifted…..  We see and understand things we did not see and understand before…..

These insights keep us off the “merry-go-round” of the past (if we choose to be off of it)..  The past seems to offer comfort and security.  We can rely on the past — we know it.  We also know where it leads — what happens.  Today can offer the opportunity for something different.  What if we are offered a chance for something better?

As a previously traumatized species in process of working out of trauma collectively and individually. We rarely consider that things could be better.  Hope does not fit into a trauma response.  Trauma responses are about protecting oneself from harm happening again, so there is no room for hope, only survival.

I suggest we consider taking a step off of the trauma response “merry-go-round” and take a step toward a new way.  This step can start right now, today,  let’s  see and learn something new.

By day’s end, we can see the links and interconnections between things, enabling us to open up space for a different experience — a different future.



To have loving relationships  keep your heart open.  Be willing to be vulnerable. You do not need to build walls that shut people out. Walls imprison you more than keep you safe.  Take down the walls that you may put up between you and others. For walls are obstacles to love. Practice keeping your heart open, even when you are in difficult situations. Doing so awakens your heart center.

When you are willing to be vulnerable, you have nothing to defend. You do not need to apologize, explain yourself, or put distance between yourself and others. You accept yourself as you are. You do not try to live up to an image of perfection so others will think better of you. You stop feeling inferior or superior to others. You are aware of the strength that comes from letting others see that you are not perfect. You recognize that you are lovable, worthy, and wonderful  just as you are…….