Source is Love


Our  core or Source  is limitless, non-local, and non-dual.  It is the essence of who we are as spirit, soul, intelligent being, Light mind, and physical body.  We are love.

Love does not need to know itself. It just is.  It is infinite knowing itself.  In its infinite beauty, love is forever deepening and expanding.  It moves so fast in its dynamism that it is perfectly still.  At once, it is a pure silence and musical harmony of infinite expression.  Love does not need duality, time, space, and duration to learn or harmonically know itself.  Love is all knowing and all feeling.

  We are all unique souls with an interior unity as Source love.  We do not need a false perception of  separation.   This is the birth of  illusion,  conflict, control, and fear consciousness.  We are Source love frequency. Our Being as that frequency expresses and experiences itself in all its uniqueness as others and the world.  We are infinite love and creativity without static, friction, and noise.  We are a pure fluid harmonic being without limits, resistance, and restriction.

In whatever way we may call it—our awakening, remembering, transforming, evolving, or ascending……. Our journey is to be the love that we are.  While all of our interior and exterior experiences are currently a part of this journey, we must ultimately know and be that love.  It comes from the depths and heights of being where there is no dimension.  It is who we are as Love spirit and Love soul.  And as we shift in awareness, it is us as a  Love  mind and Love physical body.  This shift in dimensional frequency,  is the cessation of resonance with the fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation that is Ego identity.

In whatever way we may travel to realize our truth, it is in the infinite present that we can be the knowing, love, and creativity that we are.  There are no answers to becoming our being from the outside—no teachings, books, religions, spiritualities, esoterics, sciences, meditations, beliefs, energy healings, sound frequencies,  gateways, portals, channelings, animals, plants, crystals, metaphysics….nothing.  We can be grateful for all of these because they prepare us and focus us to ultimately understand that we already are the answer.  We simply could not see it under the veils, illusions, matrices, and distortions of the false conditioning of duality consciousness.  We can only generate our Love frequency through the mystery of Be-ing…..

Befriending Our Ego….Inner Child Love


The ego was never meant to be in the lead. It was only meant to come out when there was something going on that really endangered our life. Our intuition, our heart and our soul are the true leaders that got banned more and more by the rationality that plays such a major role in our society. 

The Key: Ego Observing

But how do we find our way out of this? The answer is quite simple: We have to get rid of our fear patterns. Getting there means we have to change our perspective and turn everything around in our head, challenging what we once thought was true. Instead of judging and blaming others for our misery, we can take responsibility for our own wounds. Start with  realizing and accepting that those who hurt us actually do us a favor.  Those people actually show us a wound within ourselves that is not healed yet and calls for our attention. And we will be put in the same situations again and again until we get it. Only we can fix that. Nobody else. So instead of fighting the thoughts and emotions coming up, we can embrace them and say thanks to them for having taught us something about ourselves. It is important to not identify with them. They are just energies running through us and do not define who we truly are. Start observing your ego – this way, you automatically disidentify with it.

And befriend it.  Don’t fight it, but embrace it and treat it like an ailing person that is afraid to die. A place where the ego cannot exist is the NOW. The ego jumps permanently from the past to the future and back, recalling memories and combining them with “should have’s” and projecting all kinds of fears into the future, coming up with wildest scenarios and “could be’s” that are quite ridiculous, when we look at them from a neutral perspective. If you bring yourself into the NOW, the ego automatically goes on a broadcasting break. There are many ways to get into the NOW, the important thing is to use our five senses instead of our head and to just feel instead of think. A walk or run in nature can make it easier in the beginning to experience and feel the moment.

Embrace Your Inner Child

Another very important energy source for the ego is the wounded inner child in us. Basically, all of our traumas and wounds have their roots in our childhood. Every time someone hurts us now in the present does nothing else but trigger our memory bank from the past when we were still a kid. That is why we often experience that we end up in the same situations and patterns again and again.We carry this low energetic fear frequency within us and – due to the law of attraction that alike energies attract alike – we attract the same stuff again and again – until we have resolved the fear pattern. So working with the inner child is the fast track to healing our wounds. 

When we heal our inner child, we heal the rest because the root cause is healed. So get in touch with the little you often. Become best friends and give him or her what he or she needs. Once this is done, all of a sudden life begins to change. We experience miracles, meet the right people at the right time, are not afraid anymore and we start going with the flow. Our health gets better because our energy is flowing smoothly again as blockages in our system have been released. And the best part of it: We really start to like and love ourselves. We realize how wonderful and unique we are and that we do not have to be like everyone else. Once we have mastered self-love, we master everything. Because then we are our true authentic self. We have learned to set healthy boundaries and put our own needs first. That is not egoistic but necessary to give our love to others without being drained. The former pleasing becomes a sharing. And we are naturally doing what we love. Our ego has evolved and has become a free spirit – without any doubts or questions.

True Nature


Empty yourself of everything….thoughts, ideas, images, feelings, beliefs, opinions, desires, aversions….Let go!

Presence holds all that arises. You are Presence. Presence is you and all around you. The state of Be-ing…it was never born…nor will parish…

No separation, no union….Just Is. Peaceful, content…this is your True Nature holding all that is temporary…coming into being… going out of being. This is your true nature.

It does not matter what is going on outside of you, raising kids, career, relationships, all of life’s activity. Does not matter. You are Presence. Everything else changes, comes and goes. Be aware of this one eternal Presence. Be one with it.

You do not have to plan life when functioning from Presence. Life unfolds…its spontaneous. Life is kind without fear. Adjust to this new way of being.

Choose this as a spiritual practice. As you watch your old conditioning arise…choose Presence. This is an inner quality of stillness. The ability to perceive is much wider, spacious and less personal. Its universal consciousness…Your True Nature…

Revolution an Inside Job…


The challenges we are facing globally are nothing new. Hatred,discrimination, injustice etc are an intricate part of the human experience. It’s our shadow side. We’ve been able to coast through life ignoring it for the most part. Now we are at a braking point.

Hate has had its grip on humanity for centuries if not millennials. Fighting hate with hate doesn’t work. Instead energize with Love.

This starts with you. And me. Each of us individually deciding to love ourselves no matter what…. this will ignite the fire that burns negative archaic beliefs, ideas and values of separation to the ground.

Revolution is an inside job.

How much love can you give?

How much love can you receive?

How much can we reclaim the parts of ourselves we have rejected?

How deep can we accept ourselves, our current situation and our desires?

Let’s infuse love into our lives. Into our struggles and our battles. 

May we bow to our triggers and understand the messages they are bringing. When we are upset by something outside of ourselves it is a call to ask:

What is my part in this?

How have I co-created this?

How can I love it?

How can I root into my worthiness to attract what I really desire?”

There’s an untapped supply of love within each of us. It is now time to connect to that. Allowing it to wash over us, soothing our logical minds and holding us in unconditional love.