A Love Poem


Meet me in the ethers                                                                Where time and space collapse.                                              You know the way to travel there For your heart has all the maps.                                                                                    Our energy is always there my love No need to ever be alone.                                                                                             Let the light into your heart And the way to me is shown.                                                                                 Though a part of us always resides there We can also consciously make the trip.                                                Leave your physical body here Travel in your light ship.                                                                                          Come and spend some time with me I long to reconnect with you.                                                                                     Let me surround you in my arms of light                            I’ll show you that my love is true.                                         Come and take my hand Give me a gentle kiss I’ll feel it as a subtle breeze and surrender to the bliss.                      Close your eyes and release the mind Feel the beating of your heart.                                                                                    Time to trust your inner guidance Know that we are never apart.

You Are Love

15 - 1 (53)

You are clear,pure Love. Nothing from your past will block your dreams. Your future will be nothing like before. You are the center of your Universe looking outward through your experiences. When you look out in harmony you are seeing  through love and will experience many variations of love. Make love your purpose. Find it where ever you can, If you begin to introduce anything to your world that does not feel like love, shift your awareness, your energy or your eyes until you return to love. Become so devoted to your purpose of love that no one will sway you from it. Unconditional love is not about tolerating or diminishing yourself so another can feel good. These are conditional actions that can feel less than or stir resentment. If, you are believing something that is not truth from your heart, it can feel awful and a betrayal to your soul. Just feel harmony and love moment by moment. If you can’t, go easy on yourself as it is just a sign you are yet to love yourself fully….Practice love each moment to align with your heart’s desire.

Prepare for Union

Servants of Love

With each breath, love’s call arrives

from every direction, left and right;
we are headed for the fields, 
but who is going to see whom?
The time for houses has passed 
the time for meadows is here
prosperity, has dawned and now
its time for union, face to face.
 O blessed king, arise , arise
awake from your heavy sleep ride, ride upon fortune’s horse
it is our time to conjoin.
Hear the drums recall your oath
the way to the sky has been swept clean
your joy is the currency
no sign of tomorrow’s debts
Light has lifted its hand
and shattered the dark of night
the whole world above and below
full of clarity and radiance
How blissful are the ones
unbounded by these colors and scents
for there are beyond all this
so many colors in the heart.
How blessed that heart that spirit
who becomes free from water and mud
through within this water and mud
there is the means for alchemy…

In Love or Attached?



On the path where relationship is a means for coming to self-understanding, it is necessary to clarify the difference between loving and being attached. This is a most basic distinction, because so much of what we experience as attachment, we call love. In fact, most of the institutions around love, such as marriage and family, are actually ways of protecting our investment in attached situations.

Loving someone is glorifying who they are in their uniqueness. Consider a flower. You see a flower that is really beautiful to you. You want to glorify that flower in its own natural setting, or else you want to pick it and possess it. Those are two entirely different ways of being. Love creates a thankful glorification of the flower. You love the other ­ you want to see the other thrive, enjoy, and grow. You want to see them become more of who they are, nor matter what that entails. That’s the truth of love. It is unconditional.

Attachment is quite different. You want to pick the flower, sever it from its roots, and make it yours. You want to appropriate the beloved, make him or her be what you want them to be, conform to what is convenient for you in the relationship. Attachment is not care for the other; it’s care for oneself. This distinction has to be understood: Are you loving, or are you attached?

If you are attached, you are going to experience the pain of jealousy and envy. It follows that these uncomfortable states of being become the opportunity to see within yourself the truth of attachment. Not theoretical understanding, but existential awareness of attachment at its very roots…..more awareness…more growth through relationship.

Your Energy+Love =Prayer


Everything in creation is manifested through energy. In Indian philosophy this energy is known as prana. In China, it is referred to as qi (or ch’i), in Japan as ki. It is akin to the Greek concept of pneuma and the Melanesian mana. The name is not important, though. What is important is what it is and what it does. It can be aptly described as the “universal life force” because that is exactly what it is – the force of life, which exists throughout the universe. It is life itself. And even more remarkable than this, we can all invoke and use this energy simply by the power of thought.

When we want something the desire makes us magnets for energy. We use our minds, consciously or unconsciously, to direct this to bring about a certain result. This is the power of creative visualizations , or intention, but it is not real prayer.

Real prayer is not a device for trying to get whatever we want. It is an expression of love. To pray properly we must unchain the shackles of selfishness from our hearts and condition the energy we invoke with the power of love.Think of love as the vehicle in which the energy travels to its destination. As the great yogi Swami Vivekananda put it: “The moment you have succeeded in manufacturing love out of prana you are free.”

The efficacy of prayer

The efficacy of prayer is not dependent on the whim or favoritism of a mythical overlord, whom some mistake for the great divine source. On the contrary, it is exact in the way that a science is exact. In fact, it is a science – albeit one of which few scientists seem to have much understanding. It is a scientific formula for sending energy, conditioned by love, from the person praying to the focal point of the prayer.

It matters little what you call the Divine Source, be it God, Brahma, Allah, Jehovah, Great White Spirit, The Way, Heaven, or anything else. The love in your heart is infinitely more important than the creed in your mind. Prayer is not for the chosen few; it is for everyone. It is the birthright of people of all faiths – and even of none – to experience the benefits that dynamic prayer can bring.

We can all help to improve the world and our own lives, this very moment, by being a channel for the limitless energy of love, whether this be manifested in thought, word, deed – or prayer.