Life Takes Care of You


Imagine living your life with full trust that you will always be taken care of. No matter what the circumstances…both the joys and the sorrows of life, you will grow and evolve with all that you experience. Life is kind. Life is beautiful. Life is thrilling. Life is filled with mystery that is waiting to be revealed. You can experience your life this way on a daily basis by making a choice to commit to believing that life takes care of you. Life is the meaning you give it. How free you are! When you decide to be. You are so free that life allows you to even believe you are not. Set an intention  each day to view each situation as life giving you the opportunity to expand into new territory especially with the challenges. Challenges allow you to open your heart and move beyond fear. Fear is the life killer, that keeps your heart and mind in prison. Love allows you to be brave and face your darkest fears to realize that fear itself is an illusion….Unless a bear is chasing after you, 99% of fears are false projections. What a waste of precious creative energy being used to generate fear thoughts. Instead this energy could be utilized for creating thoughts of love and positive outcomes. Love is the foundation of trust. Practice loving life will build confidence that life is taking care of you. This allows you to relax and rest into your life.

Perception Creates Reality

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YOU are the creator of your reality. Your reality is dependent on your choice to expand  your consciousness. You can choose to “expand your perceptual field.”

Your “perceptual field” is determined by your choice of the myriad different persons, places, situations, and things that you choose to perceive, or not perceive. Your physical feelings have a direct effect on your perceptions, and your perceptions have a direct effect on your feelings.

Hence, you can create a “feedback loop” where you may choose to send out fear, and fear returns to you. On the other hand, you could put out a feedback loop in which you focus on “sending out love,” in which, love returns to you.

Also, fear limits your perceptual field to a very narrow range, not allowing all the possibilities to be seen. However, love, especially Unconditional Love, expands your perceptual field. 

This is about your inner perceptual field. By your “inner perceptual field” I mean your inner reality that is constantly created and re-created by your thoughts and emotions.

When your inner perceptual field is guided by peace and calm, your emotional body remains a clear window through which you can perceive your outer reality. On the other hand, when your inner perceptual field is guided by confusion and anxiety, your emotional body creates a blurry, and often self-focused, perceptual field that often creates a sensation of “being a victim.”

You will have this feeling of “being a victim,” because you do not feel as though you are the one who is creating your reality. In this case, there are many frightening possibilities on which you could focus your awareness to create more and more anxiety and fear in your world. The perceptual field is Powerful. You have a choice as to how you wish to experience creating your reality. This is true empowerment from within.


Gratitude Is Love


What are you most grateful for? Who are you most grateful for? What experiences do you cherish with all your heart? The power of gratitude is in align with the power of love, and love is the highest vibration there is. To practice gratitude is to practice love. When we find ourselves in a negative or positive experience the best action we can take is to take a moment and thank it. By thanking the moment we let the universe know that we accept and take responsibility for what we have attracted into our human existence. When we have acceptance we are metaphorically saying that we are a co-creator in this life.

By being a co-creator, it is up to you to manifest what you want into your life. Do you want love? Do you want peace? Do you want true, deep relationships? What do you see when you look at your life? How deep are you looking? When you swim through the depth of your life you realize you are swimming through troughs and crests of your own ocean. We live in cycles, and if we cannot be thankful for both the darkness and the light in and around us we become out of sync and sometimes deranged.

Gratefulness is love from every inch of our soul. By defining a circumstance as good or bad we are resisting and what we resist persists. Allowing the shadow to surface and becoming friends with it, we then resist no more and the flow of life force flows through us with ease, hence raising our vibration.

Gratitude makes all the difference on our path. On our journey when we come across certain ‘obstacles’ we can either see them as ‘obstacles’ or as lessons. To learn our lesson is to acknowledge our lesson, by thanking it. And so shall we transcend. We can all look back at a situation in life where we didn’t truly appreciate what life was laying before us, only to realize later that it was the perfect piece to our puzzle. Gratitude is the key to our purpose, and expands awareness of ourselves.

Gratitude is a new perspective. It is living through Source. Source doesn’t look for Beauty, source sees Beauty. Source is love, love is a vibration, and gratitude is the practice. Be grateful. Be love and watch your life transform.


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Flow with uncertainty. No need to resist. This is for sure a gift, for you certainly cannot control things when life seems uncertain. And control is a subset of fear. Love the opposite of fear allows and trusts life. Life takes care of you. All that arises in life on the spectrum of positive to negative can teach you beautiful lessons.  You are continuously in the right place at the right time. See how things are always unfolding for your benefit? Uncertainty helps you be spontaneous and flow with the unknown. It helps you flow with the many surprises that come with uncertainty.


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Intimacy is the non-physical part of the connection that exists when you are close to someone.  As defined here, it is a closeness of soul rather than a physical closeness, although the two can exist together.  It is sharing a part of your Inner Being with someone in a way that creates a bond between you.  If you have a strong capacity for intimacy, you find it easy to become close and form a bond with someone when the circumstances are right.

If you are intimate with someone, the bond you have makes you feel in tune and connected with that person, and emotionally at home with him or her.  You find it easy to exist comfortably within each other’s space, and you almost can’t help feeling some part of each other’s emotions.

Intimacy has both a doing side and a knowing side.  The doing side is having the ability to be truly close to another person, to feel what he or she feels because of the bond that exists between you.  The knowing side is recognizing who is good for you to be intimate with, since you don’t have this kind of compatibility with everyone.  The doing and knowing side of intimacy work together as a duality.  This means that as you develop the ability to know who is good for you to be intimate with, you also increase your capacity for intimacy in general.

If you have trouble with intimacy, you have difficulty knowing who you are compatible with.  You tend to become involved in relationships that are bad for you because you are never quite sure who is good for you to be with, and who you should walk away from.

Expanding Your Capacity for Intimacy

The ability to be intimate with someone is closely connected with being compatible with that person in several areas.  One of these areas comes from a mutual desire to be helpful to each other in a personal way.  To practice this, tune in to someone you care about and put some energy into becoming more aware of what he genuinely needs in life.  Learn to be sympathetic to his real needs, and offer to help him when you can.  And to be sure the feeling is mutual, be strong enough to ask for his help when you need it.  The compatibility you feel when you develop a mutual desire to help each other whenever help is needed, will greatly strengthen the level of intimacy between you.

Another area of compatibility comes from a mutual desire to become involved only in relationships that are practical, useful and good for both of you.  To practice this, work at being discerning, levelheaded and pragmatic about relationships.  The wisdom you gain from this will help you develop an awareness of who you can have a good relationship with, and will help you walk away from relationships you know will be bad for you.  If you understand this area of compatibility, and get involved only in relationships that are good for both of you, you will not only understand intimacy better, but you will also be able to become more intimate with those you get involved with.

A third area of compatibility comes from a mutual desire to operate in a way that is tranquil and calming for both of you.  To practice this, become more aware of what things are calming and reassuring to you, and to the people that are close to you.  If the same types of things create a calmness in both of you, it contributes to your overall level of serenity, and creates a compatibility which enhances the intimacy between you.

Another area of compatibility comes from a mutual desire to see things from the same reality perspective, that is, to find the same types of things credible and believable.  To practice this, become more aware of what things you find believable and real, and become aware of the people around you who find those same kinds of things to be credible and believable.  Having a similar outlook on reality allows you to be optimistic about the same kinds of things in life, and creates a compatibility in this area which enhances your closeness or intimacy with the other person.

Focus On Love..



What are your dreams? For yourself and for humanity? Do you believe they can happen?
LOVE is the key. When you love the food you are about to eat, when you love the water you are about to drink, when you love the clothes you are about to put on, when you can see the world from a perspective of love, and especially treat yourself with love, your world will come alive, and you will be able to make more compassionate choices. Focus on love from the moment you wake in the morning to the moment you fall deep asleep.  Love is a high frequency of energy that is contagious and in the moment. Love allows, love flows, love uplifts, love is our true nature. Love is a state of being that is timeless…..Love is truth. What is your truth? Are you living your truth? Your passion? Love opens all doors and dismantles all barriers…Love dissolves separation and fear……Love mends broken hearts….Focus on love in each moment and experience the magic that this state of being reveals….

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To study the Way is to study the self.

To study the self is to forget the self.

To forget the self is to be enlightened by all things.

To be enlightened by all things is to remove the barriers between one’s self and others.