Being of Service


What does it really mean to be of service? Most view service as volunteering somewhere or even offering your time to help someone just because they are seen needing it. In true reality, service can be both of these things depending on where your heart has placed intention. But overall service is service to love. Recognizing that within the one, any service to another is service to yourself. For all we are is love. It is being proactive, being of assistance to your brothers and sisters simply because you are blessed with the vessel to do so.

Service work is meditation, it is the intention, and it is transformation. It is meditation in the way that you clear your mind and find the flow of being in joy, and what other creative ways you can perform the task at hand. It is the intention in the way that you move the energy you’re working with. If you are digging a hole or gardening, are you perceiving it as work, dreadful? Or does every scoop or plant buried become a step for love, a piece of creation falling into place perfectly, divinely? It is the transformation in that you are creating, transforming a soul, plot of land, or yourself into a beautiful and grander creation. It can also be a transformation of density. Envisioning each movement of service as density leaving and making room for pure love light to enter.

Humanity being the single entity that it is, service to the whole is actually mandatory to maintain the health and unity of the one. So whether you are moving a single rock from point A to point B or running a food drive for thousands, if your intention is with love and you bring in your divine intelligence it will be benefiting the one all the same. Always push forward with love for humanity and your service can never go wrong. Even your very breathe cycle intended with love and light is of service to the one for you love yourself enough to breathe and transform that energy into love in action.



Owl Spirit Guide


The owl is the symbol of
the feminine, the moon and the night.
The owl is the bird of magic and darkness, of prophecy and wisdom.

The owl is associated with Athena.

An owl totem gives you the power to extract secrets.
Meditate on the owl and things will be revealed.
Listen to its voice inside of you.

You will hear not what is being said by others, but what is hidden.
You can detect subtleties of voice that others cannot.
People cannot deceive a person who has an owl totem.

Owl people can see into the darkness of others souls.
Most owl people are clairvoyant because of this ability.
It can be very scary at times.
Learn to trust your instincts about people.
Let your owl totem guide you.

The spiritual meaning of a white owl means you’re maturing. it also can mean you’ve been given more wisdom. Lastly, it can also mean developing and evolving as a person.

In Native American culture, many tribes looked to owls for wisdom and protection and would even wear their feathers as talismans. If you are lucky enough to find an owl feather, keep it forever. Owls were considered in many cultures to be bearers of news or even what some call “psychopomps”. A psychopomp is a spirit that takes a person from life to the underworld after death. They act as a guide to the underworld or otherworld.

Owl mythology is a very deep topic and could go on forever. Let’s just remember that owls are our friends and should be respected & honored just as any other animal that lives on Mother Earth. If the owl spirit guide comes to you, be aware and willing to learn from the owl spirit guide. Don’t push aside the message that the owl spirit guide is sending to you. But don’t be afraid of the owl either…there is nothing to fear of this gorgeous, magical creature

Greek & Roman mythology, the owl was associated with the wise goddess Athene. Apparently, owls were said to guard the temple of Athene and were thought of as a sign of protection. If an owl was seen before a battle, it was sure that victory was to be had. Athene’s familiar was a “little owl”.

The wise owl spirit guide comes to remind us of our intuition…that inner voice that many of us choose to ignore or not believe in. The owl spirit guide also reminds us to protect what is ours and to not take anything for granted. Protect your property and your family, for this is truly protecting yourself. The owl spirit guide also wants us to know that he is there to help us learn about ourselves in the deepest sense. Learn more about your spirit, push yourself spiritually. Wisdom is life and life is wisdom. What does your owl spirit guide say to you?



Life can be hard with many painful lessons. Sometimes it feels as though it will never end. For a time there is nothing more you can do than breathe and know that “this too shall pass.” In the dark tunnel of suffering acknowledge others who carried on through unimaginable torment. Brave ones rise from the ashes like the Phoenix to find the gift of perseverance is freedom. Physical, emotional, or spiritual, it is the freedom you come to know through perseverance. Know that with every thought, word, feeling and action you are either adding to your suffering or nurturing with a healing touch. Carry on in the monitoring of your thoughts. Focus your attention moment by moment. Change is coming.

Your prayers, intentions, surrender, and trust in the Divine Will of Source do matter. Take steps to transform what needs adjustment, clear your plate of that which does not serve you. Receive help, forgive and embrace all of you. Know that suffering will pass and never give up. Think of the oak tree growing out of a rock with little or no soil. So determined to live. This is perseverance, this is the power of life. This is Divine, the sun, and love light giving life. This is you shining through despite circumstances…


Your Relationship With Abundance


Abundance is a word ripe with meaning, whether it’s money, success, love, you name it, really. Therein lies the problem – we name our abundance or the lack of it. We decide through our power of choice to have it, or not. Maybe we have it in love but not in finances, or the other way around. The point is, we are always seeking something but we often come up empty-handed; we have to look at what we are thinking and feeling about abundance.

It may be easier to focus on one area at a time, so let’s go with the money. Lack of it, not having enough to feel comfortable or secure, to live the life you truly want to live. You must look at your thoughts on money. Did you grow up hearing comments about scarcity?

A lot of subtle programming is absorbed unknowingly when we are young, so if your dad always said, “We aren’t rich, do you think money grows on trees?”, you may be running a poverty script without even knowing it. Another area you might have some trouble with is in feeling worthy to receive money. You may feel deep down that you are not good enough to have it; if this is so, when abundance tries to find you, no one’s home.

Watch your feelings about money and you will gain some insight. Do you feel left out, as if other people can have abundance but you can’t? Is there a sense of defeat, fatigue, resigning yourself to your lot in life? Or are you panicked, worried about it not being here, or afraid it will disappear? We may have deeply rooted feelings that don’t show themselves, but if you look you can find these too. On the surface, things may be okay, but consider making a big purchase and all sorts of red flags sprout up.

The more we see what’s lurking behind the scenes, the more clarity we have. The more clarity we have, the more ability we have to let go of what we know doesn’t serve us and move into the light of abundance. It is deceptively simple. It’s also a huge life lesson, so go on and take the plunge, examine your thoughts and feelings about abundance and start telling yourself, this can change, I can change, I Am abundance!

Take a Risk!

Edward Eggleston. Reaching for the moon. 1933 #

Risking is taking a chance on something or someone in order to reap a possible benefit.  It is daring to venture out on a limb for potential gains. It is giving something a chance to work in order to gain an advantage.  In risking there is always something to gain and something to lose, and if you are a wise risk taker, you carefully weigh both. Prudent risk-taking is essential to operating your life effectively because the gains you make by taking wise risks can help you accomplish the things you want in life.  As a good risk taker, you only take advantageous risks, and you avoid risks that are going to cause you loss.

There is usually an emotional component to any risk you take.  This is true whether the risk is of a physical nature such as starting a business, or of an emotional nature such as asking someone on a date.  This emotional component exists because of the hopes and expectations that are built on risk-taking, and the sudden change, either positive or negative, in going from hope to certainty when the outcome is known.

Risking consists of two parts:  The first part is the ability to take a risk when necessary without being afraid of taking that risk.  The second part is the ability to control your risk-taking, that is, to know when to take a risk and when to avoid taking a risk, in order to accomplish what you want.  In order to control your risk-taking wisely, you need to recognize both good and bad risks when you come across them. If you can recognize which risks are most likely to produce positive results, you also know which risks are worth taking.  This knowledge can prevent you from plunging headlong into harmful or dangerous situations. If you can recognize when a risk is a good or relatively safe risk, you have a great advantage because this helps you know whether to take the risk or avoid it and save your energy for other things.  If you can distinguish a good risk from a bad risk, you rarely lose what you risk.

If you have trouble with risking, you also tend to have trouble knowing how to use your energy to accomplish what you want.  Because you have difficulty telling a good risk from a bad risk, at times you end up in dangerous situations, and at other times you waste your energy by putting it into things that have little chance of success.  There are also times when you are afraid to take a chance on something because you don’t know if it is a good risk, even though the potential for gain may be substantial. If you are afraid to take a calculated risk, your life tends to be somewhat boring or mundane.  You may know that “nothing ventured means nothing gained”, but you are too afraid to venture, so you give up the gain. When life forces you into taking a chance on something, you tend to get angry with the world for asking you to take the risk involved. All this can prevent you from accomplishing many things in life, and from living life to the fullest.

If you would like to learn to take better risks, consider changing your outlook in a couple of areas.  Work at becoming more aware of your capabilities and limitations. If you know what you can reliably accomplish, you have a powerful tool to help you determine not only whether a risk is worth taking, but also how dangerous it may be.  Improving your ability to accurately judge what you can and can not do, will help protect you from taking unsafe risks.

The ability to take wise risks is also improved by learning where to put your energy so it is used most efficiently.  Use your experience and past results to estimate how much energy to put into something in order to be most effective. Only put energy into those things you think will be fruitful and produce positive results.  This will help you take risks that are most likely to succeed, and will keep you from taking the type of risk where you either bite off more than you can chew, or waste your energy by putting it into useless things.

By learning to increase your ability to risk, you not only become better at taking risks when necessary, but you also become better at understanding the difference between a wise risk and a foolish risk.

True Love And Synchronicity


Love is fundamental in the universe. It is one of the key forces that empowers us to live as more than just human animals.

With love, we gain the ability to understand the spiritual world and the transcendental as a part of our lives.

So when people find true love, the universe tries to foster that love. It does this through synchronicity.

Synchronicity is the way in which the universe causes coincidence to deliver us a message or to push or pull us in the right direction.

How does this synchronicity manifest? We have listed some of these true love synchronicity signs below:

True Love Occupies Our Environment

When we experience true love with someone, we establish a heart connection that exists on the spiritual plane.

This true love connection has a direct effect on our surroundings.

We often find that everywhere we go we are faced with images and instances of love.

We see couples holding hands, and we see romance films on at the cinema – we watch as our friends pair off and start new relationships.

And every time we are reminded of the true love we feel.

Synchronicity Signs

Sometimes a phrase is more accurate than it is supposed to be.

This is the case on occasion when we can see literal signs from the universe that we have found true love.

We’re talking billboards, adverts; window displays all with either couples or emblems of love on display.

Maybe we even see the name of our true love showing up everywhere we go in seemingly unrelated coincidence.

This is no coincidence. It is a synchronicity sign from the universe.

Running Into Them

One surefire sign that the universe is trying to tell us that we are in true love is by ensuring that, every now and again and completely out of the blue, we run into the person.

This usually happens when we least expect it. We’ll be out and about, just getting on with our day, and suddenly an urge to go somewhere new will surface.

Maybe just a different route home. Perhaps a new coffee shop or restaurant or bookstore has opened, and we decide to check it out.

And, once we have taken that leap, we turn the corner only to see the person who we are in love with. The same exact thing has happened to them – they would never come here usually.

“It was spur of the moment. Just a random idea to come here.”

That is the essence of synchronicity and true love. Little nudges, little suggestions, little ideas that have a significant impact on the course of our life.

All of it moves us towards true love. True love for each other and, by extension, for ourselves.

We should be reminded of the age-old adage: “Love finds a way.”


Yin/Yang Are You Balanced?

sun kisses mon

The Masculine/Yang Side:

The masculine or Yang side deals with the strength of the self. It is what causes you to act either timidly or self-confidently. The thing that is most important in determining the strength of the masculine side, is the value that you, at a deep level, place on yourself. This is a value you know within yourself that you have really and truly earned. It could be thought of as a sort of self-esteem. Placing a high value on yourself affects your whole being and helps you feel strong and confident in operating your life. And when can operate your life with confidence, you get more out of life.  Things can really turn around for you, and this automatically makes you place a higher value on yourself. You can build the masculine side through progress and small wins, through positive reinforcement, by practicing, and by generally taking an active part in operating your life.

If you have a strong masculine/Yang side, you are in charge of your own life because you are internally controlled. You tend to look people in the eye. You stand straight, and you usually command attention when you walk into a room, whether you say anything or not. This happens because of the strength within. If you have a weak masculine side, you also have a lot of doubts. You doubt yourself, your abilities, your capability to do things. Things intimidate you and you don’t move forward well. You are afraid to put yourself out there because you know you are going to fail, so you don’t even try to accomplish things. If you have a weak masculine side, you often feel the need to show off your attributes and accomplishments, whereas if you have a strong masculine side you are self-confident, and don’t feel it is necessary to show off.

The masculine/yang side is full of things that you have to be strong and self-confident in order to do. These include being able to claim your basic rights, such as the right to feel free to operate independently of others, and the right to belong or fit into society in any way you please. Claiming your rights also includes being able to stand up to people who try to take away your rights, either by force or intimidation, or by manipulation, or by trying to hinder you in choosing your own direction in life. The masculine side also includes the ability to be decisive, to take risks when appropriate, and to focus intently and concentrate in order to get things done. In addition, a strong masculine side builds common sense, which helps you figure out how to accomplish things and get more of what you want out of life. This includes figuring out how to operate your life in a responsible manner, how to reason without distorting reality and without fooling yourself, and how to accurately weigh probabilities so that you know the most likely outcome to expect in situations you come across.

The Feminine/Yin Side:

The feminine/Yin side is also based on a value. But instead of a being a value you place on yourself, the feminine side is based, at the same deep level, on a value that you place on others. It could be thought of as a sort of “other-esteem”. This value affects your whole being. If you have a strong feminine side and place a high value on others, you are often giving and unselfish. You usually know what is good for people, and you tend to operate in ways that help others get what they want out of life. You happily let people operate their own life without interference from you, but when asked, you are also willing to help by supporting, cooperating, and giving advice. People feel comfortable with you because you give who you are without pushing yourself on others. If you have a strong feminine side, people also feel comfortable being around you because there is no selfishness for them to detect.

If you have a weak feminine side, you place a low value on others, and you are not a giving person. Instead, you are selfish and greedy and tend to keep yourself closed off from people. You are isolated because you don’t want to share yourself or share anything you have. Also, you don’t take responsibility for yourself but blame others for your problems. Although the feminine side is generally not as well understood as the masculine side, the negative or selfish aspect of a low feminine side is something almost everybody recognizes, especially in others. In fact, it may be the most easily recognizable characteristic of all, because of the element of discomfort involved in being with a selfish person. If someone has a weak feminine side, it could also be said that he has a strong “dark side” (the evil or negatively motivated side). In someone with a strong dark side, there is usually an imbalance in which the feminine side is very weak, while the masculine side is much stronger.  In the extreme situation where a person has an almost nonexistent feminine side, he will often act in ways that could be considered evil in nature, because he acts only on his own behalf, and does it to such an extent that he doesn’t care how much his actions hurt others in the process.

If you have a strong feminine side, you often behave in ways that are considered feminine in nature. You do things that you have to be giving and unselfish in order to do. This includes recognizing people’s basic human rights and allowing them to operate their life without interfering with those rights.  For example, allowing them the freedom to operate independently, and the freedom to fit into society wherever and however they want, even the freedom to let people choose when to face up to reality and when to be in denial.  Allowing people their basic rights include letting them control their own life, letting them choose what to believe without being manipulated by you, and letting them choose their own path or direction in life without hindrance from you. The feminine side also includes having an enthusiasm and zest for life and recognizing what things are worth getting enthusiastic about. And it includes having the persistence and tenacity to stay with something until it is finished, while still knowing when to give up on it if your energy is better used elsewhere. In addition, the feminine side also includes being kind, compassionate, patient, responsive to the needs of others, and it includes the ability to limit the amount of energy you put into helping people, to keep from hurting yourself or draining your own energy.

The Balance:

The masculine/feminine or yin/yang balance is extremely important, almost more important than how much you have grown as a person. Even a less evolved person, if he is balanced, treats others the same way he treats himself. And that is what balance is all about. If the masculine side is much stronger than the feminine side, you tend to be pushy and take unfair advantage of people. On the other hand, if the feminine side is much stronger than the masculine side, you tend to let others take advantage of you, and you become a doormat for people. How can you tell which side is stronger for you? The balance between fear and anger in your life is a good indication. If the masculine side is stronger than the feminine side, you tend to feel anger more easily than fear. The greater the imbalance in this direction, the more easily you will feel unjustly treated by others, and the more easily you will become angry and aggressive with them because you have an unrealistically high opinion of your own rights compared to those of others. Conversely, if the feminine side is stronger than the masculine side, you tend to feel fear more easily than anger. The greater the imbalance in this direction, the more easily you will feel you are treating others unfairly, and the more easily you will become defensive and fearful because you have an unrealistically low opinion of your own rights as compared to those of others.