Trust Life


To trust life… really means to live in total allowance of what is. This does not mean that you live passively in the world. You live in the world with love, honesty and integrity. You live an empowered life.

You know that your experience of life depends entirely upon the choices you make. You know that your thoughts, words and actions lead inevitably to the consequences that follow. You know clearly what you want and what you do not want but you are not attached to the outcome.

If things do not go your way, then you trust that whatever is happening is exactly what is meant to be happening for your highest good and for the highest good of all. Perhaps you were not fully conscious in your choices or in your thoughts, words and actions. Perhaps Life has a lesson for you that will later prove to be invaluable, even if you cannot see its value right now. Perhaps Life has a grander plan for you than you have for yourself.

In any event, your trust in the unfolding of Life is unwavering and unshakeable.. If you do not allow what is happening, then you have entered into resistance, which will take you into separation.  Separation creates suffering. Union and trust with Life creates Love. It is that simple.

Life Takes Care of You


Imagine living your life with full trust that you will always be taken care of. No matter what the circumstances…both the joys and the sorrows of life, you will grow and evolve with all that you experience. Life is kind. Life is beautiful. Life is thrilling. Life is filled with mystery that is waiting to be revealed. You can experience your life this way on a daily basis by making a choice to commit to believing that life takes care of you. Life is the meaning you give it. How free you are! When you decide to be. You are so free that life allows you to even believe you are not. Set an intention ¬†each day to view each situation as life giving you the opportunity to expand into new territory especially with the challenges. Challenges allow you to open your heart and move beyond fear. Fear is the life killer, that keeps your heart and mind in prison. Love allows you to be brave and face your darkest fears to realize that fear itself is an illusion….Unless a bear is chasing after you, 99% of fears are false projections. What a waste of precious creative energy being used to generate fear thoughts. Instead this energy could be utilized for creating thoughts of love and positive outcomes. Love is the foundation of trust. Practice loving life will build confidence that life is taking care of you. This allows you to relax and rest into your life.