Twin Flames Never Apart…


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The Twin Flame journey is all about finding Unity and Harmony in Love. Both within and without.

At all times, there is a “secret gateway” between your hearts. There is always a portal between you, since the dawn of time. You can go within and access your Twin any time you choose. No matter whether there seem to be blocks in the way or not.

This portal is *never* closed, it’s just a matter of “tuning” in and getting into the right space emotionally and mentally to access it.

The divine truth of the Twin Flame connection is you were never truly apart. The only space in which you are separated is the physical reality. As souls you are one and you always have been.

The sacred gift Twin Flames are here to impart to the world is – on a higher level, we are all one. In journeying from seeming polarity back to unity across physical difference…

Twin Flames are here as teachers of the healing power of love…

What limits us is our perceptions, our beliefs and above all our emotional responses. No matter what – whether you’re on opposite sides of the planet or meeting across life and death – you can be with each other.

On the non-physical planes there is no such thing as Separation – in fact it is one of the core lessons Twin Flames’ souls are working to learn in this lifetime. To awaken from the *human* perception of separation.

Overcome Fear of Death


The one perpetual fear that nearly every human feels constantly on at least an unconscious level is the fear of death. What really is the fear of death? What are we actually fearing? Is it the pain of death? Or is it the fear of not existing? Or the fear of the unknown?

This is literally the best time ever, right now, to overcome the fear of death, at least to an extent. Here are some good journal or voice journal prompts to help you negotiate this difficult theme:

  • How confident am I that life continues after my physical body dies?

  • What scares me most about dying?

  • What do I think happens after death? What do I think the afterlife is like?

  • Is a big part of my fear of death simply a fear of the unknown?

  • What is it that most scares me about the unknown?

  • Can I recall examples from my past when I was scared of the unknown, and then everything turned out to be OK?

  • Can I recall examples from my past when the unknown actually turned out to be enjoyable?

  • What would it be like if I was just a little bit more willing to allow changes to occur in my life?

  • What would it be like if I was just a little bit more willing to allow the world to change?

  • If I had just a little bit less fear, what would I do that I have been putting off?

  Food for thought:

“The secret to life is to die before you die and find that there is no death.”

 Eckhart Tolle