Simply Rest….


To be awake and present we do not have to do anything…Just rest in experience whatever arises..the luminous quality of mind is present always. As thoughts, feelings, sounds, physical sensations…all arise and dissolve. What is left…non-reactive presence without identity. You become un-selfconscious and you flow…No more stories of your identity. No past, no future. This is timeless and spaceless. You just simply rest in Now. Its a field of being that is always present that takes care of everything. Throughout your day practice in any situation relaxing the body, relaxing your mind, relaxing into your heart space. While driving rest, at the grocery store rest, with your child rest, with your client rest, cooking rest, bathing rest….It’s so simple, its a challenge. The greatest challenge is the willingness to develop a new way of being that allows rest. The challenge is facing our ¬†conditioning that places most of our value collectively on ‘doing’ and being someone special through our accomplishments. As you practice resting this ‘doing’ conditioning starts to ease and space for experiencing non-reactive Presence occurs . Trust that resting is valuable and all that is needed….

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