Raise Your Vibes

You can transmute more energy than the sun. It is like having a superpower.

Scientists say that the heart is more than just a pump as we thought.

It seems that it contains 40,000 neurons, an electromagnetic field 60 times more giant in amplitude and 5,000 times more intense than that of the brain.

The heart is a state of intelligent consciousness.

To raise our energy, we must first understand how the process works.

Electromagnetic energy runs up through your feet from the center of the Earth.

It travels to your heart, taking love information with it as it continues up and out through your crown chakra.

The flow of energy does a complete circuit.

As the flow comes back into you, it brings with it the love of others and the universe.

It will be hard for anyone with a low energy body to feel that universal love.

Your body will only take as much electromagnetic energy through it as allowed by your vessel’s health.

Tuning your instrument, i.e., your body, to a higher frequency level, allows for a greater volume of energy to flow through you.

You can’t run much energy through a faulty, run-down system.

When you bring your body and intention to a high-grade level of energy, you will have immensely raised your vibration.

Energy And Breath Exercise Can Raise Your Frequency

Controlling your breath and practicing meditation is a great way to raise your frequency at home or on the go.

Energy is all around us and connects us with everyone and every living thing.

Energy is constantly swirling in the universe, and we are all interconnected with that energy and frequency.

Each of us has a unique frequency; in essence, we are part of the same divine radiance, which created the infinite cosmos.

You are part of the divine when you are in touch with this feeling.

Being that love is our true essence when you feel the love at that moment, your energy vibrates at a much higher frequency.

Positive And Negative

With positive thoughts and feelings, and by practicing a healthy lifestyle, you can support a brighter energy field.

You can also lower your frequency by living in a state of fear, negativity, separation, or fill your bodies with unhealthy substances like fast food, alcohol, and drugs.

These are low vibrational, which blocks your energy and frequency. You can tend to become clouded and dark.

Your energy vibration sends out a frequency that behaves like a giant magnet, attracting human feelings.

The vibration of energy you draw to yourself will be the same or less than the energetic personal field you release.

The level of vibration that goes out determines the caliber of energy you attract. It is worth noting that this rule also works in the negative.

The auric energy field that emanates from your body is of your making.