Awakening is possible for You. It will let you know that you are not who you think you are. It will introduce you to your true nature. Unconditional Love. In order to live from a new view or awaken, we must first let go of the old. Empty out all beliefs, thoughts, ideas, concepts, feelings…that do not support your awareness of you or Source as unconditional love. Awakening is about relieving suffering and increasing well being through a shift of identity and knowing. First, you recognize that awakening or shifting out of your ego identity is possible. Its flexible, fluid, a moment by moment choice. This loosening up or relaxing allows for you to then shift out of the old ego identity. The confusion and suffering we experience with the old ego identity begins to soften, becoming more clear. You feel the spectrum of sorrow to joy, however there is an awareness of Presence that is untouched by feelings or thoughts. Take some time each day to empty out or release any views that no longer serve your well being. For example,  the old ego identity may believe,”I am not creative.” Allow yourself to let this go and remain  open to a new way of perceiving yourself as creating all the time. Your creating your reality with each thought, each choice you make. Awakening is taking full responsibility for one’s own life. Response- ability, the ability to respond…. Its the ultimate growing up!

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