Channel of Mind…


Mind is like a TV with many channels to choose from. The Worry and Anxiety channel. The Desire channel.The To Do List channel. The Doubt channel. The ‘When I have this I will be content’ channel.The Too Serious channel. The Reruns of the Memories of the Past channel. The Fear of the Future channel. The Romance channel. The Horror channel.So many channels! We think these regularly scheduled programs are the place to look for solutions to the dissatisfaction of our lives, so we channel surf through them all day long!

It is Possible to take the remote and shift these channels to the Spaciousness of Your Mind. First, notice the channels that your mind plays. Each day they may change due to what is occurring in life. Take 5 minutes in the morning to notice what channel you woke up with, decide if you want to keep playing this or not. Make a conscious choice as to the channel you would like to perceive reality from. For instance, You wake up with the Worry channel. The Worry channel is very narrow with an outcome produced by fear.  Simply notice and shift to the Trust channel. The Trust channel is open to various outcomes and feels loving. All day long you can  practice simply noticing the channel of your mind and shifting it to the one that most benefits your well being. The more you practice the easier it becomes. Be gentle. Be patient. Be persistent. Your mind will become flexible and spacious. You will loosen up the fixed views of ego-identity and conditioning starts to dismantle. Now, from this Spacious Mind solutions and decisions can be created!

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