You Are Always Guided And Supported Uncertainty is a Lesson to Trust

On this journey it’s common to have periods where we feel in limbo, unprotected, unsure of what to do and what to expect… To *trust* is in many ways our only real option at those times, and that can be terrifying. It’s also a deep spiritual lesson.

To be in a situation where the only thing we can do, is to let go and open up.

This is above all about trust in our souls, our higher wisdom, and in the universe.

This can be a major breakthrough – however, there are blocks to this ending “well”. Belief systems where “life is hard” or “love hurts” are key, are big stumbling blocks we’re forced to confront in these situations. Otherwise they will torture us unnecessarily.

So ask yourself, are you able to trust that things can work out?

Do you really believe life can be so good that the universe helps you, that you live “happily ever after”? If not, it’s based in energy programming taken on from the world.

Those “virus programs” will only keep hurting you and blocking out the reunion and happiness you desire – so get to grips with clearing them once and for all now to open up to your dreams.

Above all, when things feel confusing, when the future looks uncertain – stop thinking. Stop trying to see the way there with your MIND and your HUMAN self.

Instead, tap into your intuition – which is your soul silently speaking to you. It will always work to guide you, and it is always in touch with the greater oneness, the universe and your highest purpose. But you must make the time to listen. To go within.