‘Mind Itself’ Silence…Space…Stillness..


A distinction between mind and mind itself.’Mind’ refers to how we ordinarily experience life, filtered and distorted by reactive patterns. ‘Mind itself’ refers to a knowing, an openness, present in every moment of experience…an open knowing free from distortions and projections. This mind it self is no thing. There is an experience of vast openness and transparent awareness, an experience so vivid and intense that meditation practitioners are often moved to say, “There is nothing there.” This sense of nothing there pervades everything we experience, even as we see and hear the world around us, even as thoughts and feelings arise. Space is just there, whether there are objects or not. In this way it is like silence or stillness. Silence is present whether there is sound or not. Stillness is present whether there is movement or not. The same holds for this awareness: it is there whether thoughts, feelings or sensations are there or not. Like space, stillness or silence, it is there. Yet there is no thing there….Through out your day or night practice taking moments to simply acknowledge and see this kind of Mind for yourself. Hear the silence, Feel the space and Experience the stillness…..  all around you. Its as simple as placing your attention on one of these points of awareness….Silence, Stillness, Space….

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