Love…..Separation is an Illusion…



Is Love a choice? A decision? Is Love a requirement? Is Love something given then withheld? Given only when we have felt it must be earned…..or given by us to assume it must be given back…..I will trade you if you trade me….. If there is no trade then you will not receive…. is this the TRUTH about the definition of LOVE?  If love is a choice I would rather Love …being love is who we truly are….our source is love… unconditionally… meaning there is no this for that.. I’ll trade you if you trade me…Love is in giving…this is our pure essence..  Is this more than one is aware to see or even believe??…. When we begin to search deep in our hearts…much deeper then we even know or understand what is there…..deep in the center is the real you ,this part is also all of us, we are all connected…..we should consider all as neither Right NOR Wrong.. Yet somewhere in the middle…. how could one not have compassion, if one does not have compassion for himself.. How could one have kindness, if they are not kind to themselves…. Love is also expressed when you love yourself…..

Fear is the opposite of love and you ask that real you….WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE THE FEAR OR THE LOVE? Live a life in Darkness or Light? However we answer this question, whichever path we choose….. the only answer we have is one made of decision with pure intent and vision…because once you decide….which part of you, you would like to see…all you have to do is simply just be …dive into the truth of this and let your heart be free…and your awareness shifts for all involved you begin to understand what is best for me is best for all…and see a New Vision of Peace, the rest will “fall.”

You might ask for A Key…. In which you already have… open your heart and you will see… the grandness and the clarity of a land once just a dream… Love heals….gives…supports.. Let’s go… Live in the present moment… which is all we have that is real…. As easy as it is to See what love really is…be gentle on oneself as you awaken and feel…..and “Real’ “Eyes” Who you truly are Magnificent, Divine, and Loved…..Beyond measure….No matter the Path….No matter the choice….because if there were truly an end….at the core there is Only Love…. limitless and free….You cannot fail…..standing in gratitude…no fear left to fight….whole and healed… courageous with love, power inherent… guaranteed from the light…..What is Love…all around you when you make a choice to see….all the way through you without the walls your ego puts around you…unending when you become awake and aware that we have never been separate…

Separation is an illusion to keep you scared…your door maybe closed not letting the light in… Yet low and behold as you open the door…the light can only flood in…Light is Love …Love …is Truth….Truth is who you are…


If you want to shrink something,

you must first allow it to expand.

If you want to get rid of something,

you must first allow it to be given.

This is called the subtle perception of the way things are.

The soft overcomes the hard.

The slow overcomes the fast.

Let your workings remain a mystery.

Just show people the results.

Presence and Forgetting…


Forgetting is easier than you might think. Forgetting does not involve suppressing or repressing a memory. Forgetting is as easy as moving forward, focusing on what is in the present. So it does require a certain amount of focus, which you could call effort if you wish. But your lives are always happening in the present moment, so asking yourself to focus in the present moment is not an outlandish thing to do.

Continuing to go back into the past in an attempt to manage the future is somewhat of an outlandish act. You can only be present with what is and let the future take care of itself.

Now, of course, there are some things that you do not want to forget. There are pleasant moments, happy moments from your past. And there certainly is nothing wrong with reminiscing or feeling nostalgic. But you often run the risk of glorifying the past, seeing it as ‘the good old days,’ and that also takes you out of the present, which is the only place where you can actually live.

So what I recommend is that you make it your intention to be more present with everything and everyone that comes your way. When you are present, you can hear your intuition, you can feel your emotions, and you can receive what it is that the circumstance or person has come to deliver you.

But if all you ever do is define your present by your past, you will relive it. You will continue to create it as it always has been. So I am not suggesting that you forget, because even the act of forgetting puts you focused on that which you are attempting to forget.

What I am saying is that when you are present in the now moment, forgetting is the natural byproduct. And you can live more fully, more vividly than you ever have before. And you will paint your future deliberately with the strokes of your vibration, a vibration that can only be offered in the present moment.

Living In The Heart…


When you shift to your heart and allow the heart to be that through which you live, then everything that is not Love falls away and you become this very portal of Love. You become the vibration of  all that is Love as your reality in every moment.

 All is changed and redefined and all the lines of possibility go streaming forth in a billion ways with the decision to love and be loved, to give Love and to receive it, to allow this burning desire to give to be expressed between us and through the heart that you en-conscious.

 When you stand in Love, when your heart is that with which you are perceiving, then you recognize the illusory nature of  all things that pretend to be, that are not made of Love and nothing else.

The core of this change – this Shift to the Heart – is a shift in all humanity in our instrument of perception. Instead of “seeing” the world from the analytical mind, we are shifting, consciously and unconsciously, to perceiving through the heart. The feelings of the heart become our guides.

 When you choose to live through the heart, you become immersed in the highest truth – that only Love is Real!

The shift to the heart lifts us up to such a high vibration that we magnetically entrain all other hearts to Love, just by their being in our proximity! Every aspect of life on Earth is transformed by our Love and brought into resonance with joy, beauty, perfection.


  When you live through your heart, your experience of life shall now be very very different. You will experience the miracle of stepping into who you really are, to living this Love as the whole, focused here as you.

In the heart you are living in the fullness of the Now Moment where everything is included — where you are the whole, experiencing every communion of life as it occurs in all dimensions, alive in the resonant field of continually awakening Love.

 This awakening of Love is you, is Me. It is the exclamation of exquisite joy at being born and becoming conscious of All That Is, all at once, in the midst of Love’s expansion, held by Love and moved by Love, increased by Love and being Love increasing itself.

3 States of Being to Master Your Life

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There are only 3 States of Being  required for you to flow with life and your purpose, to be in your center of power when everything else seems to flip on its head. They are the only States of Being required for being the master of your own life.


Allowing: When you allow things to Be, Even if they do not meet your expectations. Give space to situations and people to just be without judgment even if they do not reflect your values of what is OK.

Surrender: To surrender is not the same thing as giving up. When a life situation seems irresolvable, you open your heart space and surrender to a higher power behind the noise of your thinking and analysis.

Flow: When you offer no resistance you flow effortlessly with life. The mind creates pressure, damns and resistance to the flowing water of life. When you are aware you let go of this resistance and things start taking shape and fitting in with a seemingly miraculous power of their own.

Divine Will & Courage: When you are immobilized by fear and uncertainty but dare to commit yourself in taking a first step forward, a great power and courage descends on you. It is a courage that comes from trusting and allowing the divine will to act through you.

Positive Vibration: When you trust and allow things to be, your consciousness shines through the problem which makes you see it in a new and different light. This brings  positive energy.


Gratitude: I guarantee you that no matter how miserable your life may seem at times, if you sit for a moment to find and be thankful for those things that are working for you, you will be amazed at how many you will find! Being grateful gives energy to those positive things and shouts the announcement that you are ready for more!

Perspective: When you are grateful, you are changing your perspective by putting the spotlight on your blessings. The power of perspective is everything. It gives you the power to make the impossible possible.

Compassion/Forgiveness: Learning to appreciate does another amazing thing – it opens your heart to be compassionate allowing you to forgive others and yourself. What happens after you forgive and let go is nothing short of a miracle.

Inner Peace: If you appreciate your life and open your heart to forgive, you find inner peace. Inner peace brings bliss, happiness and stillness. You feel at home and where you should be even when a storm is raging outside.

3)Just Be

Meditation: We think of meditation as a practice or action because there are techniques or ‘ways’ that help us meditate. In reality there is no ‘way’ that shows you how to meditate just as there is no ‘way’ that shows you how to just be. Meditation is just Being without the noise and barriers of the mind. Without expectations and ideas of who you are. You connect with the simplest essence that has no form – your being.

Presence: When you are just Being without doing or having, you are present. Presence means having your awareness rooted in the here and now without being transported by your thoughts and worries of an imaginary past or future. Being aware of a single breath is enough to anchor you to the present moment.

Realization: When you practice to just be present, less and less illusions in the form of thought patterns, beliefs and emotions will have power over you. The less illusions you have, the more realizations arise because you become grounded in the only reality there is – the eternal now.

Clarity: And of course when you allow yourself to just be your life comes in greater clarity and focus. There is less mind clutter to obstruct your view.

Resourcefulness: The real limitless pool of resources come from within you. When you are being and not preoccupied with doing or having, you turn your attention from the limited resources outside to the limitless resources within. You start tapping into your inner resources and realize that you can master your life because you can call upon any resource you need to tackle any imaginable life situation.

Facing Fear


I must not fear.

Fear is the mind killer.

Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear, I will allow it to pass over me and through me.

When it is gone, I will turn the inner-eye to see its path.

Where the fear once was, There will be nothing.

Only I will remain.

-Frank Herbert   From: Dune 1965