At our core, each unique, individual vibrates sparks of Love, by doing something that is joyful for us, it actually means we are in alignment with our unique signature frequency. This is why it is joyful, enjoyable and fun…. we are in alignment with Love as it is being uniquely expressed through us in the way that is only applicable for us as an individual.

A lack of joy means we are not in alignment with our unique, true selves. Ever heard the phrase, “going with the flow?”  We are either in the bandwidth of our signature  frequency (being in the flow) or we are not. Feeling love, contentment, joy, peace means we are in our personal “flow”.

A hint: if there is mind chatter, repetitive thoughts over past or future situations, ruminating over other people, the actions of others, work, anything at all… we are outside of our unique “flow”.

Much like tuning the dial on an older radio, the more static (thoughts & mind chatter) the further away we are from  our unique signature vibration and thus the further away we are from aligning with joy, excitement and peace.

Start small. Start with baby steps. Practice by asking in each moment, “out of the choices I have right now, what is the one thing that “lights up” the most for me?” Now obviously, we would each choose going to the beach in Maui, making out with your favorite movie star…. all of those fun things that pop into our heads but typically may not manifest in the  moment. Instead, choose from what is within our capacity to act in that moment.For instance: listening to a favorite song, snuggling with a pet or relaxing in nature…

Joy supports us in letting go of the lower vibrations, old habits and attachments to the past that are no longer applicable to the existence of living in the higher levels of our consciousness. Joy is the tractor beam to finding and living all we were meant to be. Joy is what leads us to be in service to ALL and as a part of the all, we participate in receiving service as well. Joy is our birthright. Joy brings magic. Joy opens our hearts to living in Love.

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