This Is How Thoughts And Intentions Create Physical Reality

By Greg Prescott (excerpts of his article below)

What would you do if you could change your immediate reality into something even better, RIGHT NOW? Every day, your thoughts and intentions are creating your reality, so why not make it something amazing?

Any reputable scientific experiment should be replicable under similar conditions. When Dr. Masaru Emoto proved that thoughts and intentions create reality, the experiment has been replicated numerous times with similar results. The bottom line is that the words we use, in conjunction with the intent behind them and the emotion we are feeling while saying these words, will conclusively shape the reality around us.

Water Crystal Proof

In 1994, Dr. Emoto studied the differences in the crystals of frozen tap water, river water, and lake water but to no avail, he did not see any differences between tap water and the water from lakes and stream by nearby cities. What he did notice, however, is that water crystals from pristine lakes and streams created “beautiful crystals with each one having its own uniqueness”.

The observation was done in various ways:

  1. Observe the crystal of frozen water after showing letters to water
  2. Showing pictures to water
  3. Playing music to water
  4. Praying to water





Long Distance Proof

On November 16, 2005 Parapsychologist Dean Radin conducted a long distance experiment with Dr. Emoto and approximately 2,000 participants who focused long-distance positive intentions on water samples contained in “a double-steel-walled, electromagnetically shielded room” at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in Petaluma, California nearly 5,000 away from Emoto. The participants were shown digital images of the bottles of water, and gave focused prayers of gratitude for approximately five minutes.

The treated (prayer and intention) and untreated samples were sent to Emoto’s lab in Japan where 40 unique water molecules were photographed. 100 volunteers evaluated the photographs and rated them on aesthetic appeal. The results showed that the water with prayer and intention resulted in “more pleasing crystal shapes” than water that did not receive this treatment (Radin et al., 2006).

The Rice Experiment

In another experiment to prove how words, thoughts and intentions affect our reality, Dr. Emoto placed cook rice into three containers. On one container, the words “Thank You” were written. On the second container, he wrote, “You Fool” while the third container was completely ignored. Children were instructed to speak aloud the words on each jar, daily, when they walked by them each day. At the end of 30 days, the rice with the words, “Thank You” was relatively unchanged while the rice with the words, “You Fool” turned black. The rice in the ignored container began to rot.

What would happen if everyone used positive words, with positive thoughts and intentions? The answer is simple: the world would experience a global positive change in numerous ways.
One final thing to think about: Your body is 90% water. Water has been proven to be influenced by intention & thoughts. Can you imagine the possibilities that you are capable of achieving?





Learn to love everything in your lives which means living without resistance, guilt, fear, or rigid rules about how things should be. No more “should’s”.  Simply be with every experience, observing thoughts and emotions without resistance no matter what may come floating through because thoughts and beliefs only become yours personally when you claim them as yours.  

Practice responding to every emotion or thought of fear, anger, resistance, shame, judgement, excitement, or whatever with one word–“interesting”, asking yourselves; “What am I believing that is making me feel this way, is it true?.  No shock, no resistance, no giving some word or thought power for good or bad, just one response–“interesting”.  As you learn to do this,  you retrain your thought processes and neutralize the power you have ignorantly given to things.   

Love every perceived flaw and fault in yourself and others for they are markers showing you what you still hold in consciousness.   Once judgement is no longer a part of your conditioning, you will find it easy and natural to love self and others.  You will begin to experience true freedom–the freedom to laugh and embrace the idiosyncrasies and ridiculous situations that come withliving in a physical body.  You learn to judge nothing as being bad or good, but as simply facets of the evolutionary journey.

  As you do this work, you will find that the thoughts, beliefs, opinions, words, judgments, etc. of others simply lose any power they may of had over you.  You begin to live out from that still quiet place within where the nonsense of the un-illumined never reaches. 

Love has no rules, Love just is.   Love is simply living each moment from a consciousness of Oneness.

All is perfect.  Evolution is the process of remembering that.


Be Open To How You Create…

Intrinsically within the human experience are the various nuances which go along with your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs; everything that makes up your life. It is one of the intentions as you live upon the earth that you have these experiences and that you respond to them.  You are creating your life. 

You create it through your intention.  You create it through your reality.  You create it through the reactions that you have in response to the experiences.  One may say that life is simple.  You need only to be in the flow of your divinity and things will happen, things will unfold for you.  Life is ever pleasant and balanced. 

Most people’s reality though consists of an intention to move into a direction;  an intention to experience, maybe particular work, relationships, the various things that make up your day.  Therefore as you begin to become very clear in your intention that you put out, not only to the universe but to those people in your everyday life, then your reality will change. 

You create the change.  It is reflected in your reality.  Your reality changes and it is reflected in your perception.  There is no one way in which your reality is influenced. 

It is more so about taking in everything, allowing it to percolate within and around you, then allowing yourself to express it outward in all that you do.  Remember you are more than this human that you are expressing in your life right now.  Remember that you are divine and that your God source energy is always there available to you.  This is another influence as you create your reality. 

Be open to all the various ways in which you receive information.  Be open so that you may live heart to heart with those within your life.dove