Light in You…


As you transition, stepping away from old concepts, old attitudes, old ideas and fears… You may be free to embrace your beauty,  your  light,  your deep permission for the light to live as you. To embrace the moment to moment experience of  communion that Love might be expressed as your experience and that you might truly live with an open heart.

Right now, keep focusing on your heart. Learn to see the light, the light that comes blazing forth through you. Seek that light before you take any step, and you will know just how to move. You will see the path before you, clearly expressed. You will be the celebration of this Love, that is the whole experience of life in all its glory, illuminated by the light in your open heart.

What you meet as the world, as other human beings, as those things that make up your world, you will feel deeply with your heart. And you will know how perfectly you experience the union, you with every life that you encounter, a discovery of your beauty, your vastness, and your service, and your ability to see the light that comes through you.

 The resonance of Love as it moves is expressed as light. Once a being knows this, the vision is clear, the whole of “ I Am” is revealed before you and within you.

Unconditional Love


Unconditional love is the most powerful transmuting force in the universe. Remembering how to utilize the power of unconditional love will help you to remain in the higher states of your consciousness that  you may be enjoying. Live from your heart. Consider your logic when appropriate and let your heart lead the way. Your mind thinks, believes but your heart Knows. Trust this knowing.

Perception is the key to overriding the limiting programs of human consciousness.  Expanded perception comes from letting go of all that you previously believed yourself to be and embracing the knowing that there exists nothing outside of you. Literally nothing. When you can perceive yourself as being an intricate part of the Whole-ness that exists within you, and that everything you see around you is merely a projection of consciousness into the Hologram of Life, a huge shift will occur within your energy field.

You are powerful and you hold within you the power to change your world through unconditionally loving every aspect of yourself. It is through your unconditional love that you create change within yourself and everything around you.

 One last thought.  You are indeed an intricate part of the patterns of Perfection that make up the Tapestry of Life, and your contribution is priceless. You are brave and courageous beyond your knowing …….

Celebrate Darkness…


Celebrating the darkness is not about celebrating evil. Celebrating the darkness is about celebrating the depths of who we are.  Honoring that we have parts of us that the light is yet to touch.

Celebrating darkness is about celebrating the seeds of potential that live within us all. When your soul came to this earth, it came equipped with everything it needed in order to achieve what it needed to achieve.

The seeds are buried within you, and only by acknowledging them, nourishing them and giving them time to grow in the darkness, will you be able to bring them into the light.

On the Winter Solstice… December 21st, it will be time for you to travel through the soil of your own soul and see what needs to be tended to. This is your time to go within, silence your mind and travel deep to the place where your soul meets your body.

In the Southern Hemisphere you will not be experiencing the dark night of the soul, instead you will be experiencing the Summer Solstice. This is a time to reflect on your light and to get out into the world to shine!

I Am…


Oh, how without color I am, how without a sign!

When will you see me the way that I am?

How could my spirit become static when I reside in fluidity as I do?

I’ve become an ocean immersed in itself

Oh, what a wonder this boundless ocean that I am.

Don’t seek me in this world or that world…

For both worlds are lost in the world that I am.

Like nothingness…..I am free from profit and loss

I am that rare one who is without profit and without loss.

I said: You are that!

She replied: Silence…there is no language, no words for what I am

I said: if there are no words, then I will speak without language without a tongue.



Here and Now


Let’s talk today about allowing yourself to thrive wherever you are in the here and now. I say to you right now, not to limit your future, not to limit your vision in any way shape or form, but to understand that what you have in the moment, is all you have in the moment, and everything you have is in the moment.

The human condition is one of always striving and reaching out for more, and with that also comes a human condition part that becomes in a sense, eternally dissatisfied. Because there’s always something else out there, there’s always something else to strive for.

This message isn’t one addressing the spiritual nature of that constant striving, this message is about, looking at your life from the point of view of “What if it doesn’t get any better than where you’re at right now?”

Now that’s not said to create a limitation, but what if you say where you’re at right now, is the place that you are being asked to connect with your heart and thrive from.

If you have desires about a certain amount of income, about moving to a certain place, having a particular job, having the special relationship, having your body be a particular way, whatever it might be that isn’t part of your current reality.

What if you decided that you are going to connect with your happiness, connect with your heart, connect with your joy, connect with feeling on top of the world, connect with the rightness of who you are and feeling completely okay with yourself, right here and now, because that is all you have right now.

Also not create it as a limitation. There are many on the planet right now who are holding themselves back because they’re waiting until…

I will be happy and loving myself when that right person comes along.

I will be able to have the job I want if my body changes.

If I do these five more things in my business development plan, then I will be successful.

When I have X number of employees then I will be successful.

What it’s doing is creating limitation on your ability, and your consciousness and your awareness to feel that you’ve arrived. What if the point you’re at right now is the point where “You Have Arrived!”

And this is what it is, not from the point of view of, “Oh this is terrible, it’s not what I want, I’m dissatisfied!” But can you shift your perspective to say, “This is great!!”

And be able to connect with all the reasons it is great, without the conditional energy?