Be Your Best Friend….


How do you speak to yourself when you look in the mirror? Do you say ‘I love you’? Do you say ‘I need to change this and that’? Do you appreciate your face, your body? Do you wish you looked like someone else? Is it hard to look in the mirror? This is just one test of many, that can show us whether we are a good friend to ourselves or not. If you notice that you are your  enemy…  this is an opportunity to begin a new kind of relationship with yourself. Your enemy will find all that is ‘wrong ‘ with you and focus on this. This focus of energy only narrows your relationship to self and world emphasizing all that is negative. Its a self imposed prison. When the enemy is running the show it (I call the enemy ‘It’ because its simply a conditioned pattern)…. will say….your not smart enough, your not attractive….all the lies to keep you small. This enemy appears to protect you from some perceived outside danger however, it prevents you from experiencing your limitless Self. This enemy is Fear.  Your best friend is Love. Love accepts, love allows, love is honest, love is patient, love is sweet, love is fun, love is gentle, love is energizing, love is limitless…… Imagine your best friend’s kind and wise words. What would your best friend say to you the next time you look in the mirror?

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