Love Thy Self


Some of the biggest obstacles to self love are criticism and perfectionism. These can lead to harsh judgement of self, closing your heart and eventually illness. Have you been trying to compete with others, get approval from people in your family or simply pushing yourself too hard? If so, you can soften and start listening to your body. Focus on keeping your heart open and practice acknowledging and recognizing the good in yourself and others.

Breathe love in and out every moment of everyday. Ask yourself: ‘What changes do I need to make in my daily routine so that love can pulsate through every breath, action and relationship I engage in?’

Choose to open your heart through softness, deep breathing, relaxation, movement, finding beauty in nature, in your home, in your pain, in your love, your sadness, in prayer….Keep your heart open even though you may feel vulnerable and exposed….

Every time you look in the mirror repeat: I Am Lovable. Do this every day until you know and feel this in your heart.