You do not see the sky, You are the sky.

You do not touch the earth. You are the earth.

You do not hear rain. You are the rain.

You and the universe are what the mystics call “One Taste.”

–Ken Wilber

The direct way to allow yourself to experience oneness with all, is through your heart. When living from the awareness of your heart’s wisdom there is no doubt, no fear, no resistance to life. Your heart contains the center of your well being. Your heart is truth through unconditional loving awareness. Connect with your heart as often as possible throughout your day and night. Practice cultivating loving thoughts that then shift to loving feelings with yourself and others around you. See the love in all beings and things: people, animals, plants, crystals..etc. As you live in your own energy field of love, notice how sweet life becomes. Notice how your loving energy affects others…..

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