New Story….


Whatever you say and think about yourself is story. Sometimes we can become over focused on repeating themes, definitions and narrow views of ourselves. This habit can create a dull and devitalized experience of reality. If you do not fill your mind with new experiences, new ideas and new versions of yourself……… your sense of self becomes dim, worn…..bored with the same old story. As you explore the depth of healing inside yourself and  face your truth….You can  create space for new stories. When you tell the old stories, tell them a bit differently each time. If you repeat the same story about yourself, then be aware that you are missing an opportunity to gather another perspective from those gems of experience:  joys/ecstasies,  tragedies/ crises. When you speak of your experiences, intend to gain a new awareness to hold a more expanded view….to see what your story can become.

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