Focused Intention…Your Power!


The double slit experiment is one of the most amazing studies in quantum physics because it shows us the importance of focused intention and how it affects our reality.

In the case of the double split experiment, when we focus on the results, the results remain the same but when focused intent is taken out of the equation, the results are drastically different.

So what are the possibilities and ramifications of this experiment?

Numerous studies question the possibility of parallel universes and multiple timelines. What we perceive in this reality is the cumulative belief system of what this world perceives, based on what we have been taught, and the beliefs we hold as the truth.

What if reality is permeable and the outcome is determined by intention versus preconceived beliefs we know as our current reality?

We’ve all had deja vu  moments where a situation arises that we have felt as if we had already experienced that situation beforehand. What if you DID already experience that particular situation? That would mean that time, as we know it, does not exist and that all experiences are NOT on a linear timeline. In other words, ALL experiences occur at the same time… in the NOW.

If all experiences are happening at the same time, then every possibility of each action is also happening at once in parallel universes. For example, if you chose to wear a yellow shirt this morning, then in parallel realities, you wore every shirt in your closet and dresser in separate realities. These are numerous paradoxes that are created through quantum physics and reflected back to us in our current “reality”. Are you ready to challenge your reality? To consciously experiment with your intention? If so, keep reading..Its so simple.

What do you focus on throughout your day?  For example: In the morning I focus on one value that I would like to be in the world that day. Today it was kindness. Throughout the day I think in my mind “Kindness”…you will forget. Just remind yourself throughout the day “Kindness”. When I looked in the mirror I was kind to my reflection. When I made a mistake, I was kind to myself. Someone cut me off driving and I chose kindness instead of anger. I was kind to anyone I encountered including myself.  I noticed that others were being kind to me too. Suddenly life became kind all around me due to my focused intention on kindness. At the end of the day I suggest for 10 minutes: thinking about, meditating on or writing about what you chose to focus on. This will allow you to see how powerful your intention is when you command it to be…

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