Shaping Your Consciousness..


With each breath you have a choice to choose how to perceive and experience your reality. The moment you open your eyes from sleep, direct your consciousness in the state you prefer. For instance, you wake with anxiety. Your mind is racing about the list ahead or the answer you are anticipating, all future worry. You have the power to stop yourself and with intention choose to be Here in the Now. To comfort your mind from fear of the future by simply making the choice to cease the habit of fear creating a story. Instead, you could ease your mind with thoughts of Now, such as I am safe, I am loved, I am….Living a life where you shape your consciousness and not let fear shape you Is possible. The mind can be like a wild horse out of control with regrets of the past or worries of the future. At any moment you can halt your mind and choose another perspective which is Now in the Present moment. This is a practice that can begin Now. The power is in You of how to experience your reality. Intend to live from your heart, from love. Intend to be kind in all your encounters. Intend to be authentic with others. Through these intentions and then actual practice, you begin to shape your consciousness….So what in the past was a reaction to life…can now become a conscious response.  

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