Meaning of Life..It’s Up To You!


Life is essentially meaningless……Until you consciously or unconsciously project meaning onto whatever situation, moment or space you are perceiving. What FREEDOM! To become aware of your power over creating your life in any given circumstance. Lets take for instance a situation you may have automatically seen as unfortunate. For example, being pulled over in your car by the police. A policeman gives you a warning about a broken tail light on your car, your registration has just expired and your car insurance card is two days old. Automatically you see this as a grave inconvenience, wasting your time. Your mind swirls with thoughts like “Don’t the police have better things to do, like catch robbers or murderers?”Or “This ruins my entire day!” Another option could be seeing this as  a reminder to take care of your safety with your car lights working properly. It was also kind of the officer to give you a warning and not an actual traffic ticket. Also, a nice reminder to update registration and insurance which could result in costly fines or violations if not taken care of. There are options in any situation of how to live your life. You can choose the path of difficulty and strain.You can choose to flow  and relax in life. Each moment is an opportunity to practice choosing the meaning you prefer. This may appear to be impossible as you become conscious of any automatic conditioning that arises. Simply stop and ask yourself one question. How can I make meaning of this in another way that I prefer? Emphasis Prefer instead of reactive conditioning. Do you prefer ease over strife? Again, Its up to You as the meaning maker of your life….With patience, practice and love this will come with more ease and grace. This is true Freedom….

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