Source is Love


Our  core or Source  is limitless, non-local, and non-dual.  It is the essence of who we are as spirit, soul, intelligent being, Light mind, and physical body.  We are love.

Love does not need to know itself. It just is.  It is infinite knowing itself.  In its infinite beauty, love is forever deepening and expanding.  It moves so fast in its dynamism that it is perfectly still.  At once, it is a pure silence and musical harmony of infinite expression.  Love does not need duality, time, space, and duration to learn or harmonically know itself.  Love is all knowing and all feeling.

  We are all unique souls with an interior unity as Source love.  We do not need a false perception of  separation.   This is the birth of  illusion,  conflict, control, and fear consciousness.  We are Source love frequency. Our Being as that frequency expresses and experiences itself in all its uniqueness as others and the world.  We are infinite love and creativity without static, friction, and noise.  We are a pure fluid harmonic being without limits, resistance, and restriction.

In whatever way we may call it—our awakening, remembering, transforming, evolving, or ascending……. Our journey is to be the love that we are.  While all of our interior and exterior experiences are currently a part of this journey, we must ultimately know and be that love.  It comes from the depths and heights of being where there is no dimension.  It is who we are as Love spirit and Love soul.  And as we shift in awareness, it is us as a  Love  mind and Love physical body.  This shift in dimensional frequency,  is the cessation of resonance with the fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation that is Ego identity.

In whatever way we may travel to realize our truth, it is in the infinite present that we can be the knowing, love, and creativity that we are.  There are no answers to becoming our being from the outside—no teachings, books, religions, spiritualities, esoterics, sciences, meditations, beliefs, energy healings, sound frequencies,  gateways, portals, channelings, animals, plants, crystals, metaphysics….nothing.  We can be grateful for all of these because they prepare us and focus us to ultimately understand that we already are the answer.  We simply could not see it under the veils, illusions, matrices, and distortions of the false conditioning of duality consciousness.  We can only generate our Love frequency through the mystery of Be-ing…..

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