Trust the Unknown


Everything and nothing exists in the Void. Its where all life begins and ends. Its the winter and the womb. The fertile darkness where all things originate and all seeds grow. Comforting and intimidating. Freeing and daunting. It can feel overwhelmingly small and huge. The Void is where faith lives.

The message of the Void is to surrender to the unknown. To allow the fertile darkness of nothingness to nourish the new seeds growing within you. Regardless, of whether you know what they will one day become. Surrender to the mystery of what is next. Rest and allow the winter of life to do the work for you. To hand over your control and trust that just because you can’t see what’s happening beneath the surface it doesn’t mean things aren’t at work. 

The greatest weavings happen when we find a way to surrender and trust that life is being knitted for us. Right beneath the surface. In ways known and unknowable. Now is the time to cultivate faith and allow deep, deep rest. 

The Void often surfaces at the end of a chapter or life phase. When we are called to let go of all we know and identify with. When your in this process it can feel scary and as if you ‘should be doing something.’ However, the most productive thing to do is relinquish control and surrender to the changing mystery of life….

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