Your Higher Self


Every situation is an opportunity to grow; everything that happens is giving you the opportunity to become stronger, wiser, more loving. Everything that happens to you is for your higher good. Some situations offer you the opportunity to release attachment or let go of an emotion that no longer serves you. Allowing your higher good means knowing deep inside that you are safe and loved. That your Higher Self is always working for you.

Start now to tell yourself that the universe is perfect and that everything you do and happens in your life is perfect. As you grow spiritually, you will gain a greater understanding of why things are happening, you will come to see the perfection in everything that occurs. From the higher perspective of today, you may be able to look back into the past and know that things you once interpreted as negative offered you growth and new beginnings.

Trust that what other people do will in some way be for your higher good, even if you do not understand why. No matter what happens, tell yourself the universe is perfect, and everything that happens is perfect. If something you were  hoping for doesn’t happen, know that something even better will. Don’t try to force your Higher Self to create pictures of how things ought to be; know that a higher wisdom is always operating. Remember that your Higher Self is always giving you as much good as you will allow in your life……


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