Life can be hard with many painful lessons. Sometimes it feels as though it will never end. For a time there is nothing more you can do than breathe and know that “this too shall pass.” In the dark tunnel of suffering acknowledge others who carried on through unimaginable torment. Brave ones rise from the ashes like the Phoenix to find the gift of perseverance is freedom. Physical, emotional, or spiritual, it is the freedom you come to know through perseverance. Know that with every thought, word, feeling and action you are either adding to your suffering or nurturing with a healing touch. Carry on in the monitoring of your thoughts. Focus your attention moment by moment. Change is coming.

Your prayers, intentions, surrender, and trust in the Divine Will of Source do matter. Take steps to transform what needs adjustment, clear your plate of that which does not serve you. Receive help, forgive and embrace all of you. Know that suffering will pass and never give up. Think of the oak tree growing out of a rock with little or no soil. So determined to live. This is perseverance, this is the power of life. This is Divine, the sun, and love light giving life. This is you shining through despite circumstances…


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