Your Relationship With Abundance


Abundance is a word ripe with meaning, whether it’s money, success, love, you name it, really. Therein lies the problem – we name our abundance or the lack of it. We decide through our power of choice to have it, or not. Maybe we have it in love but not in finances, or the other way around. The point is, we are always seeking something but we often come up empty-handed; we have to look at what we are thinking and feeling about abundance.

It may be easier to focus on one area at a time, so let’s go with the money. Lack of it, not having enough to feel comfortable or secure, to live the life you truly want to live. You must look at your thoughts on money. Did you grow up hearing comments about scarcity?

A lot of subtle programming is absorbed unknowingly when we are young, so if your dad always said, “We aren’t rich, do you think money grows on trees?”, you may be running a poverty script without even knowing it. Another area you might have some trouble with is in feeling worthy to receive money. You may feel deep down that you are not good enough to have it; if this is so, when abundance tries to find you, no one’s home.

Watch your feelings about money and you will gain some insight. Do you feel left out, as if other people can have abundance but you can’t? Is there a sense of defeat, fatigue, resigning yourself to your lot in life? Or are you panicked, worried about it not being here, or afraid it will disappear? We may have deeply rooted feelings that don’t show themselves, but if you look you can find these too. On the surface, things may be okay, but consider making a big purchase and all sorts of red flags sprout up.

The more we see what’s lurking behind the scenes, the more clarity we have. The more clarity we have, the more ability we have to let go of what we know doesn’t serve us and move into the light of abundance. It is deceptively simple. It’s also a huge life lesson, so go on and take the plunge, examine your thoughts and feelings about abundance and start telling yourself, this can change, I can change, I Am abundance!

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