True Nature


Empty yourself of everything….thoughts, ideas, images, feelings, beliefs, opinions, desires, aversions….Let go!

Presence holds all that arises. You are Presence. Presence is you and all around you. The state of Be-ing…it was never born…nor will parish…

No separation, no union….Just Is. Peaceful, content…this is your True Nature holding all that is temporary…coming into being… going out of being. This is your true nature.

It does not matter what is going on outside of you, raising kids, career, relationships, all of life’s activity. Does not matter. You are Presence. Everything else changes, comes and goes. Be aware of this one eternal Presence. Be one with it.

You do not have to plan life when functioning from Presence. Life unfolds…its spontaneous. Life is kind without fear. Adjust to this new way of being.

Choose this as a spiritual practice. As you watch your old conditioning arise…choose Presence. This is an inner quality of stillness. The ability to perceive is much wider, spacious and less personal. Its universal consciousness…Your True Nature…

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