Light in You…


As you transition, stepping away from old concepts, old attitudes, old ideas and fears… You may be free to embrace your beauty,  your  light,  your deep permission for the light to live as you. To embrace the moment to moment experience of  communion that Love might be expressed as your experience and that you might truly live with an open heart.

Right now, keep focusing on your heart. Learn to see the light, the light that comes blazing forth through you. Seek that light before you take any step, and you will know just how to move. You will see the path before you, clearly expressed. You will be the celebration of this Love, that is the whole experience of life in all its glory, illuminated by the light in your open heart.

What you meet as the world, as other human beings, as those things that make up your world, you will feel deeply with your heart. And you will know how perfectly you experience the union, you with every life that you encounter, a discovery of your beauty, your vastness, and your service, and your ability to see the light that comes through you.

 The resonance of Love as it moves is expressed as light. Once a being knows this, the vision is clear, the whole of “ I Am” is revealed before you and within you.

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