Unconditional Love


Unconditional love is the most powerful transmuting force in the universe. Remembering how to utilize the power of unconditional love will help you to remain in the higher states of your consciousness that  you may be enjoying. Live from your heart. Consider your logic when appropriate and let your heart lead the way. Your mind thinks, believes but your heart Knows. Trust this knowing.

Perception is the key to overriding the limiting programs of human consciousness.  Expanded perception comes from letting go of all that you previously believed yourself to be and embracing the knowing that there exists nothing outside of you. Literally nothing. When you can perceive yourself as being an intricate part of the Whole-ness that exists within you, and that everything you see around you is merely a projection of consciousness into the Hologram of Life, a huge shift will occur within your energy field.

You are powerful and you hold within you the power to change your world through unconditionally loving every aspect of yourself. It is through your unconditional love that you create change within yourself and everything around you.

 One last thought.  You are indeed an intricate part of the patterns of Perfection that make up the Tapestry of Life, and your contribution is priceless. You are brave and courageous beyond your knowing …….

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