New way of Being…


Being Present in the moment, includes the awareness that everything is new. That we do not know anything. That everything is fresh and new. All things may now mean something to us, than previously thought. We may see things very differently. We may experience things very differently.

By taking the time to slow down and approach EVERYTHING with this not knowing anything into our daily awareness. We let go more and more of assuming we know. Of responding to people, things we read, through the eyes of past conditioning. Of assuming we know.

Many are on automatic pilot, so to speak. They automatically read something, hear something, respond to something based on what they assume it means. Based on the past.

Part of Being Present is Practising Being Present.

Recognizing the Past does not need to play a role now.

We can start fresh. Through TRULY approaching all experiences in front of us (in the moment) through releasing and practising not assuming we know what is in front of us.

So many are living in a state of constant assuming. Caught up in the never-ending loop of assumptions.

To Be Present is to be FULLY here now. Free from past conditioning.

Past beliefs.

Letting go of ASSUMING is a huge leap in consciousness. Recognizing past assumptions, is a Huge Quantum Leap in consciousness as well.

When you read things, slow down. Do not assume you know. Be OPEN to the gift of expansion. Look at all things, communications, through the eyes of Newness. Of understanding IT IS NEW. You Do not know.

This place and space of Being, is the openness that ALLOWS you to HAVE new EYES. To SEE all things from an aspect of this newness. Free from your past conditioning.

Begin to practise this, if you are not. YOU then are applying your will, to the present moment of awareness, of expansion.

Part of this is letting go of wanting things to be a certain way.

Not living in fear of experiencing pain.

Embrace pain. TRUST. Trust what is present. Let go of assuming. Of feeling you know how it needs to be. That nothing is new. It is you that is holding on to the old way.

Embracing everything with the WILLINGNESS to accept all things, as they are. NOT how you want it to be. How you feel they should be.

But with the HUMBLENESS of not knowing, not judging, not attempting to negotiate changes. So that you get things that you want.

This is not about the smaller self getting its way. Getting what you want.

It is about going through all experiences, in Harmony.

Letting go of the struggling, the control, and surrendering, is the Path. It is the path, or it is denial of the path.

Practising Being Present, letting go of assumptions. Approaching everything with the openness of a child. That YOU DO NOT KNOW. Is the path that is an accelerated path. That releases those old beliefs which helps you to truly always live in the new. Which is living in the moment.

Read this again, with the awareness you do not know what this means. Especially if you read this and assumed you understood. Open to what is new.

HOW else can you open to something more expanded. We must give ROOM for the expansion. That takes place through the beginners mind. The child like mind. The awareness of living as if all is new. The awareness of the present moment. This is how to truly receive.


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