Don’t be a spectator

You are the Spectacle!

You are the seen and the unseen,
You are the universe.
Here or there, wherever you go,
no matter-
You are the intention behind here and there.
Do not postpone union and light until tomorrow….
You are the Master of tomorrow and today.
You say,
I am trapped in exile,
bound by separation-
but You are the one who joins together and closes the distance.
When Eve was born of Adam
she spoke, and exclaimed that Adam was You and Eve is You.
When the date is born of the palm tree, it says
that You are the tree and You are the birth itself.
Don’t search outside for the remedy-
You are the antidote,
the cure for all pain.
Don’t pander to those who only bring more unease;
You are Spirit-
You are the One to bring comfort, and ease.
When you are whole
You are immune to the mobs-
with them-
or without them, all alone,
You Are.
Spread your glorious wings-
You are the mountain,
You are the summit,
You are Simorgh.   (Persian mythical creature like the Phoenix)
Pass through these muddy shores-
You are the ocean, so seek the pearl!
Arise, out of the well of existence like Joseph- (Joseph symbolizes ultimate beauty and connection with Source or G-d.)
You are the fields,
You are the meadows,
You are the plants
If I speak of you till the end of time,
the tale will not end-
You are the end and You are the beginning….

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