Be Open To How You Create…

Intrinsically within the human experience are the various nuances which go along with your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs; everything that makes up your life. It is one of the intentions as you live upon the earth that you have these experiences and that you respond to them.  You are creating your life. 

You create it through your intention.  You create it through your reality.  You create it through the reactions that you have in response to the experiences.  One may say that life is simple.  You need only to be in the flow of your divinity and things will happen, things will unfold for you.  Life is ever pleasant and balanced. 

Most people’s reality though consists of an intention to move into a direction;  an intention to experience, maybe particular work, relationships, the various things that make up your day.  Therefore as you begin to become very clear in your intention that you put out, not only to the universe but to those people in your everyday life, then your reality will change. 

You create the change.  It is reflected in your reality.  Your reality changes and it is reflected in your perception.  There is no one way in which your reality is influenced. 

It is more so about taking in everything, allowing it to percolate within and around you, then allowing yourself to express it outward in all that you do.  Remember you are more than this human that you are expressing in your life right now.  Remember that you are divine and that your God source energy is always there available to you.  This is another influence as you create your reality. 

Be open to all the various ways in which you receive information.  Be open so that you may live heart to heart with those within your life.dove

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