You Are A Flower In The Beautiful Garden Of Humanity

The Sun shines everywhere and each flower enjoys. The flower blossoms and its inner beauty are displayed for all to see and admire. This is the way of Nature and the flow of the Life Force of the universe.

Human nature has been hidden from view and controlled by the limitations of our ego/mind. When we look at the world through our ego/mind we see a narrow view of reality and the more we focus, the more narrow our view becomes. Then we become afraid and worry about not getting what we want and start to compete. We become fearful of the delicate flower of our dreams and the tender nature of our heart and try to protect our self. Instead of seeing the support from the universe, our mind conjures up worry that our dreams will never come true. When we close the curtains of our window to the world, even the sunshine cannot get in. Then we feel lonely and inadequate.

It all began from the limited view of our ego/mind and multiplies our fear as we narrow our vision of reality. Open the curtains of perception and let the sun shine into the room of our heart. All fear will disappear and we will feel the support of the sunshine of the universe touching all life everywhere. There is no competition between the flowers. Together they make a beautiful garden. Each flower blossoming in the sun and doing what is natural to do as a beautiful flower so everyone can enjoy their beauty. When our heart is open and the sun shines into our heart, all the Life Force and love power that we need comes to us and our life becomes magnificent.


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