Threefold Flame Practice

3 fold flame 5

How to open and connect with your threefold flame

In Magnified Healing, we work a lot with terms that are related to Ascension. Ascension can mean different things depending on our beliefs – Building of our Light Body, moving from the Head into the Heart so we lead & live from the heart and about creating Heaven on Earth. To me it is all those things but more importantly it is about us learning to live the qualities of love, compassion, wisdom, truth, grace and power in our present reality, in our day-to-day life e.g. when we are working, when we feel we are being ‘tested’ by our family, when we are doing the dishes and all the other aspects of our human existence. What good is all this ‘self development and growth’ if we don’t apply it to our daily existence.

As one part of our daily Magnified Healing practice, we are expanding the threefold flame in our heart. (The fleur de lis and the 6 Pointed Star are archetypes of the 3 fold flame). The threefold flame is blue, gold and pink which represent Divine Wisdom, Divine Power and Divine Love. It is also the source of our heart intelligence, the “still, small voice” which the Institute of HeartMath has clearly and scientifically demonstrated. By focusing on unconditional Love, Divine Wisdom and Spiritual Power we are increasing our overall spiritual light and divinity which allows us to eventually come into unity with our “I AM” Presence.

For most people on Earth it is only 1/16th in size but its plumes are usually not the same size. Only when the three plumes are in balance can the threefold flame expand as a whole. And when your threefold flame expands, your spiritual light and power will increase exponentially so that it will envelope your entire being and you can gain mastery and you are able to relate to things as they really are, and not as what they remind us of.

Qualities of the Threefold Flame

The pink flame represents LOVE and COMPASSION which is the very nature of universal consciousness that holds us all together. This flame of Divine Love enfolds us in beauty, love, caring, compassion and creativity. It knows the difference of expressing love, sympathy, uplifting emotions, living purely and unconditionally from your heart. This kind of love is not overbearing or clingy it’s understanding and giving.

The pink plume directly relates to the emotional feeling body within the auric field. People with tall pink plumes tend to have more emotional intelligence. They intuitively understand the impact of their thoughts, feelings and actions upon others.

The blue flame represents the WILL and POWER of Source. The flame of Divine Power empowers us to have good will, faith and the ability to get things done. Knowing this aspect of the flame is knowing yourself. Finding the strength within your own bodily form to carry on and accomplish tasks that began at first looking very difficult. Mind over matter fits at this point.

The blue plume directly correlates to the strength and stamina of the physical body. People with a tall blue plume tend to have more physical energy and have more of a mechanical intelligence.

The gold flame represents your KNOWLEDGE, your WISDOM. The flame of Divine Wisdom manifests as our ability to learn, understand, process information and reach an enlightened state of peace. It is about learning when to guide, use the right words, not to judge, and not to discriminate. This begins when you go into yourself and learn your own truths and discover a whole world of information and ‘knowing’.

The gold plume directly correlates to the mental thinking body within the auric field. People with a tall gold plume tend to be very stimulated intellectually and are intelligent in a traditional, mental way.

How to Balance the Flame

Not everyone has the same expression of love, wisdom, and power. We can learn to balance the flames within us by learning to give / receive love that is pure of heart and intent, by allowing ourselves to expand our willingness to be selfless without anything in return as well as learning to accept responsibility of our Self, of our past actions and correcting them to live in harmony in the present and to prepare for your future.

You can also balance the flames with self reflection on the following:

  • align your being with your divine plan.
  • contemplate the characteristics of each of the three aspects of the threefold flame.
  • reflect on which characteristics you already manifest.
  • see which characteristics you are lacking.
  • see where you have an imbalance.
  • work on balancing the missing characteristics.

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