How To Raise Your Vibration


Neuroscience and psychology have discovered that there are two fundamental emotions that a human being can experience. These are Love and Fear. Other emotional responses are simply derivatives of these two core emotions. Mammalian brains have two opposing hormonal responses to stimuli: threatening stimuli cause an increase of stress hormones – adrenaline and cortisol, and soothing or reassuring stimuli create an increase in oxytocin also known as the “love hormone”.

Emotions are quantum in nature, they are the physical manifestation of an intangible signal. Emotions also have a vibratory frequency associated with them. Fear generates a long slow wavelength where as Love is a high frequency energy. Remember energy and vibration is the foundation of existence. On a side note: Hans Jenny developed the science of Cymatics in the 1940’s, demonstrating that as sound vibration is passed through a medium, a resulting pattern is created. As the sound frequency is increased the patterns become increasingly complex.

Another physical relationship between the emotional states of love and fear relates to the activation of codon sites around the human body. In the human body there are 64 possible codes of amino acids within our DNA structure. Theoretically they should all be switched on however we only have about 20 of these 64 possibilities activated at any one time. Amino acid chains are needed for the creation of protein molecules which are the building blocks of life, and it is the codon sites that are responsible for synthesizing the protein molecules from the amino acid chains. Recent scientific discoveries have found the switch that turns the codon sites off and on is our emotions. The low frequency emotional states of fear reach fewer receptors compared to the higher frequencies of love which connect with more sites for coding along that pattern. Biologically this means that a person living in a state of fear has restricted access to life supporting functions of the body, translating to increased exposure to disease and health issues. An individual living in a state of Love has greater access to these life supporting bodily functions resulting in a healthy mind and body and even more advanced functions not yet activated or understood in the body.

Love is the key to raising your vibration. It starts with loving yourself and loving your family. It then grows outward reaching the rest of humanity. Everyone in the world is loved by someone else, we are all fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, cousins, friends and lovers. We are all connected. This love sees beyond race and gender and deeds. This love is unconditional in the understanding that all life is one and we are apart of each other. From there this love grows out to mother Earth and father Sun. The Earth gives us life, she sustains us and she loves us in ways we couldn’t comprehend. The same applies to the Sun and the rest of the cosmos. The entire Universe is an enormous interconnected system, based on the foundation of divine love.

Learning to forgive, learning to release judgement and learning to love are the most important lessons we could possibly master.


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