Change Starts In You

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The challenges we are facing globally are nothing new. Hatred,discrimination, injustice etc are an intricate part of the human experience. It’s our shadow side. We’ve been able to coast through life ignoring it for the most part. Now we are at a braking point.

Hate has had its grip on humanity for centuries if not millennials. Fighting hate with hate doesn’t work. Instead energize with Love.

This starts with you. And me. Each of us individually deciding to love ourselves no matter what…. this will ignite the fire that burns negative archaic beliefs, ideas and values of separation to the ground.

Revolution is an inside job.

How much love can you give?

How much love can you receive?

How much can we reclaim the parts of ourselves we have rejected?

How deep can we accept ourselves, our current situation and our desires?

Let’s infuse love into our lives. Into our struggles and our battles. 

May we bow to our triggers and understand the messages they are bringing. When we are upset by something outside of ourselves it is a call to ask:

What is my part in this?

How have I co-created this?

How can I love it?

How can I root into my worthiness to attract what I really desire?”

There’s an untapped supply of love within each of us. It is now time to connect to that. Allowing it to wash over us, soothing our logical minds and holding us in unconditional love. 

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