You Are Love

15 - 1 (53)

You are clear,pure Love. Nothing from your past will block your dreams. Your future will be nothing like before. You are the center of your Universe looking outward through your experiences. When you look out in harmony you are seeing  through love and will experience many variations of love. Make love your purpose. Find it where ever you can, If you begin to introduce anything to your world that does not feel like love, shift your awareness, your energy or your eyes until you return to love. Become so devoted to your purpose of love that no one will sway you from it. Unconditional love is not about tolerating or diminishing yourself so another can feel good. These are conditional actions that can feel less than or stir resentment. If, you are believing something that is not truth from your heart, it can feel awful and a betrayal to your soul. Just feel harmony and love moment by moment. If you can’t, go easy on yourself as it is just a sign you are yet to love yourself fully….Practice love each moment to align with your heart’s desire.

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