Trust Your Heart

IMG_2080 (1)

There are times when we must let go of logic and trust our heart. It is important to trust your intuition. Pay attention to what you feel inside. What is your heart saying? Be still. Be silent. Put your hands on your heart and listen to its deep inner wisdom. It knows. There is no doubt. No fear. If you could be, do or have anything what would it be? The answer dwells in your heart not your mind. For your heart holds your true essence and potential. Your heart is the gateway to your soul. The way forward may sometimes seem hidden but if you follow your hearts desire you will be fine. You are protected when you follow your heart. For your heart holds the frequency of Love. Love is the truest protection from our own fears and others around us. Courage and Faith are present when in your heart space. All is possible provided your outer vision aligns with your inner purpose. Keep a daily journal. Write down your hearts desires each day, allow for your being to experience the frequency of your heart. Watch your dreams come true as you live from your heart space.

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