Love Rules!


When the Universe doesn’t want you to give up on Love

1. Meeting Someone By Fate And There’s Chemistry

This is proof that you still can get excited about meeting someone new. It is known that when someone special enters your life unexpectedly, they were probably put there for a reason. Soul mates or Twin Flames come with certain amounts of destiny and fate.These relationships shape your life and bring you memorable experiences you usually would not have had.

2. You Attend A Wedding

Many people who have given up on love may fear they will feel depressed and lonely at a wedding. However, weddings bring a feeling of new beginnings and a sense of opportunity. They have a way of uplifting your spirit and opening the heart. It’s hard not to get a contact high off the wedded bliss and love that’s in the room.A wedding will quickly restore your belief and hope in finding love. A marriage is also seen as love’s symbol of success.

3. You Have Faith

If you have faith not just in yourself but in the universe, that is a good sign you’re open to new love. It’s more likely you won’t be sitting around waiting to run into the man or woman of your dreams. It’s crucial to develop self-trust which is a necessary quality for falling in love.Without self-trust, you won’t act out on your hopes of meeting your soul mate. Love is destined to happen for you if don’t force it and let it happen naturally.

4. You’re Done With The Wrong Ones

When you’re ready to meet “the one,” there will be a shift inside you. You’ll begin to realize that past relationships that you once tolerated won’t work for you anymore. It’s vital that you are honest with yourself and understand what you want and don’t want. Giving yourself enough time between relationships will help you acknowledge the red flags you missed before. The right companion for you will show up when you understand who it is you need.

5. You Notice Synchronicity

There is no such thing as coincidences, there is synchronicity in life that shows you signs. You may hear the same love song played over and over, or hear about numerous friends getting married or finding love. It’s likely a sign when you notice the same phrase, image, object, or sound. Take a quiet moment and ask yourself what it might be communicating to you and what it symbolizes. Typically, these types of scenarios are signs from the universe. These messages are being sent to be heard loud and clear.

6. Your Energy Levels Are High

If you feel like you have more energy to love more than ever, the universe is giving you a sign. At this point in your life, you are more likely to meet the love of your life. Having consistent positive energy will help you devote to nurturing love and relationships.

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