Love is the Doorway to Telepathy

love is here

Our intuition provides us with the power of telepathy, and the one thing that amplifies its powers the most is True Love. True Love is Known. It just IS.  Its beyond reason…Its beyond words…

When we deeply understand and put our utmost faith in each other, then we’re able to connect on a profound spiritual level.

Not only does our consciousness get aligned, but also our subconscious. We are able to tap into our lover’s minds without any effort, and they can do the same.

If you have developed a telepathic connection with someone, then trust me, you will feel every emotion that they feel.

You might have noticed that sometimes you abruptly feel happy without any reason whatsoever, just because your partner is simmering with joy.

This happens because you truly care about them, and that is why you understand and experience things with them on a whole different level.

Telepathy endows a person with incredible powers of perception. Two people who have a telepathic connection can easily perceive if either of them is depressed or lonely.

Why is that? You must’ve heard people in Love saying, “Whatever you feel, I feel “. That’s not just a meaningless sentiment.

There’s a lot of truth to it. Unconditional love bonds two souls together. So, if one of them is undergoing a rough time, the other can feel a crippling and crushing feeling in his/her heart.

Telepathy helps two people to communicate through feelings, thoughts, images, desires and many other ways.

Some people have such developed powers of telepathy that they can even reach out to each other in their dreams.

When we’re immersed in love, we often visualise our lover in our dreams, because we deeply resonate with them. And the best part is that these dreams aren’t just vague, like most of our other dreams. They’re incredibly vivid and mesmerising.

The secret ingredient of telepathy is a firm conviction. You have to honestly believe in love and kindness, and subdue your ego if you wish to develop this otherworldly connection with someone. Disbelief and distrust destroy your ability to love.


Practice the things that empower your intuition, such as empathy. Doing so will help you to selflessly love people, and develop a telepathic connection with someone.

People who let their ego rule over their hearts distant themselves from love. Their disillusionment slowly transforms into disconnection that destroys intuition.

Telepathy between hearts is a magnificent thing! Hold on to it if you’ve been fortunate enough to develop it.

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