Love IS All…


Love is the magic word that holds the universe together.

It is both an emotion and something ephemeral that lives like a fire’s glow.

Or the pink light on the clouds after the sun has set.

It is alive and yet, indefinable.

It causes the heart to beat more rapidly, feelings to show….

People to write, sing, dance and become totally immersed in its hold.

Love can beckon coyly, or flaunt itself with wanton abandon.

Love can live and grow seemingly forever, or vanish in a fleeting moment

When we least suspect…

And in the twilight of our years reflecting on the life we have lived….

It is the love which colors every turn and twist of our memory.

And when we pass from this earthly plane,

It will be the love that will light our soul on its journey home…..

By Alana Fairchild from “Journey of Love”, page 131.



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