Karma and Free Will


While many have heard the word “karma”, few fully understand  the meaning of it. The meaning has been lost to misunderstanding…… karma is thought of as being either good or bad. There is an idea that there is a measuring system in the universe that rewards and punishes. It isn’t you, it is something out there controlling you. If misfortune comes your way, well, it must be karmic.

Here’s the reality of karma: The universe is an empty space, open, flowing, always moving in the same way that you are meant to because you are one in the same. When you have thoughts that are in alignment with universal flow, you are going to be energetically lifted to a place of happiness and joy, even bliss. This is your natural element. Yet when you are thinking outside of universal flow, you create for yourself pain and suffering, or what some might call bad karma. Events are set into motion that creates more of the same. These events can last for lifetimes; they can also be transformed in one lifetime.

In the now, in the present moment, all karmic ties can be radically dissolved. How is that possible? It goes back to the universe being an empty, open, flowing space; what we put out there is what we get back, but it comes from us, not some arbitrary measuring system. In the present moment karma wants to play out as it always has. You can decide to go down that road again or not by how you perceive things. No matter what’s going on, you can perceive in a way that empowers you or doesn’t. Karma reminds you of where you have been, but it does not dictate where you are going. That is entirely up to you. Free will….You are in charge of the direction of your life.

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