How Do You Perceive Your Reality?


Our thoughts and perceptions of situations and circumstances are what fuels us into action and reaction. When something happens to us that we “deem” as tragic or unfavorable, we get to choose at that very moment in time, how we want to respond. Often times, there are two distinct versions of reaction: negative or positive. The negative reaction may cause you to feel anger, vengeance, sadness, depression, or victimized. The positive side may show you soul growth, lessons, gratitude, forgiveness, appreciation, love or any and all combinations. You may wax and wane with emotions between the negative and positive view points, changing direction as your pendulum of perception also swings to and fro. This is a very natural reaction to any given situation.

You have the power to choose how you want to react and ultimately view your position. When that pendulum stops swinging back and forth, and comes to a halt, you have an important decision to make; what do you want to learn or take away from this experience? Your choice perpetuates your thoughts and then becomes your reality.

How we create our reality most is through thought and visualization. The more you think it, the more you visualize it, and then create this to be your experience. If you choose to attract more “negative” thoughts in any given setting by the energy you visualize and send out into the universe, this all gets attracted back to you. You may continue what you desire to experience less. You again, have the power to change direction at any point in time by shifting gears and deciding to view things differently.

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