This is not about healing, it is about moving forward. We put too much focus on the healing process and not enough attention goes to that next step, healing into practice. The only way to know if you’re really healed and finished with something is to use what you have learned to take action. You can  try it out  and see how you do. You may be afraid that you will get the same results as you did in the past, so you dive into another healing cycle, just to make sure your really healed. All that does is keep you on the healing merry-go-round. Taking action moves you up a level so you can have a new perspective. You can get complete with the situation in a new way resulting in another level of closure.

Closure doesn’t mean happy endings, another belief that can be used to insist that  healing is not complete.  Thinking that still feeling pain, means more work to do but at a new level of awareness. The only way to move to that level is to take some action and then assess the results. If you’re still feeling pain, then more work…. But with a caveat – pain does not mean that the healing work isn’t finished, it may signal  some more closure because you are not congruent, or in harmony with all aspects of that situation.

The opposite of pain is not being pain-free, it is congruence. Pain exists when there is dis-harmony, when the energy in life is not flowing freely. In pain the pieces of life do not fit together – you  want something to work that doesn’t, you want to be happy in situations that don’t allow it, or you love someone who doesn’t love you in the same way. Harmony happens when there is congruence, when you have joy, fulfillment, well-being (which includes the energies of joy, peace, and love).  This comes with the inner work that leads to inner closure. 

Closure doesn’t mean a joyful outcome. Sometimes closure requires acceptance and release, sometimes it means you hear news that confirms your worst fears, but is a source of peace and ending. When looking for every outcome to be a happy one…..this limits ability to have closure. 

Insistence on happy endings and ‘good’ outcomes keeps you stuck in healing cycles. A tough lesson is acceptance. This is being complete with someone’s choices, or a situation that you cannot change. It is also accepting your own limitations when it comes to healing and  helping  others.  This is a ‘self journey’ that can often be made about someone else.  Congruence happens when filling your own empty spaces, when you become congruent from the inside. You are healed and whole on the outside.

Your focus on being congruent, not on healing, or wholeness, or trying to fix someone else  will create the joyful life that you yearn for. Instead of saying ‘I want to be happy’, set an intention for being congruent, so you can create a harmonious flow of energy that all fits and works together.   Every day, find a source of joy to focus on, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is… this can help create a new level of awareness needed to transcend the pain. You can have joyful events in your lives. You can have congruence and harmony more often than not….

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